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The on-demand economy is growing with leaps and bounds. Individuals - even millennials are investing in starting their own taxi services like Uber or Ola to tap into the vast potential of the on-demand economy. If you are also looking to launch your own taxi booking services but are not sure where to start - you have reached the right place.

Closeloop is your ideal choice for custom mobile app development company. We understand the demands of the pay-per-use economy and the challenges young entrepreneurs and startups face when launching their own taxi app solutions. We use the latest mobile and web application technologies and frameworks to come up with revolutionary taxi application solutions that can help you outperform competitors and establish a great presence for your brand.

We have a dedicated team of IT Consultants, Mobile and Web Developers, Market Researchers, UI/UX Designers, QA Analysts, and Testers who will assist you at every stage of the app development process to deliver a solution that will help you earn more customers.

Unique Taxi App Features - For Customer

Easy Sign/Up

An efficient taxi booking app allows for easy and quick sign-up. We ensure a smooth onboarding process for your customers.

- One-click sign-up
- OTP authentication
- Google/Social sign-up
- Remember me option

Seamless Location Search

We use the best location integration services to allow your customers to quickly pin their location on the app and also search seamlessly.

- Location pinning
- Save frequent locations
- Advanced location search
- Location tracking

Multiple Payment Methods

Allow your customers to pay for the taxi services as per their convenient mode of payment - so they don’t have to carry cash always.

- Multiple payment gateways
- Digital wallets integration
- Credit Card/Debit Card payment
- Secure Payments

Offers and Promo Codes

Have a separate and dedicated section for displaying the ongoing offers and customer-specific promo codes within the application.

- Save promo codes
- Directly apply during payment
- Show expired promo codes
- Show exclusive promo codes

Review and Safety

Just like Uber and Ola your customers can share their reviews about the driver or the overall service from within the application.

- View driver ratings
- View past reviews
- Post reviews after a ride
- Safety alert

Push Notifications

Perhaps the most important feature. Your customers can receive push notifications related to your taxi service on their devices.

- Booking confirmed/canceled notification
- Start/Stop push notifications
- Delete notifications
- Arrival of cab

Unique Features - For Service Provider

Profile Update

You can have a separate profile section for your drivers. The drivers can sign-up just like the passengers.

- Sign-Up/create profile
- Update status
- Add qualifications/achievements
- License number (optional)

Push Message Notification

Your app must have a few features that will allow the driver to receive push notifications - probably from you and your passengers.

- Booking request notification
- Booking canceled notification
- Direct messages/calls from passengers
- Location-related notifications

GPS Navigation App

Your app must have GPS Integration to allow your drivers to search and reach passenger locations on time.

- Google maps integration
- Shortest route recommendation
- Voice-assisted navigation
- Multiple languages support

Fare Calculator

You must be able to calculate the fare for the particular ride. We use edge computing solutions for on-time computing.

- Best fare calculations
- Automatic deduction of discounts/offers
- High and low demand
- Ability to view payment status

Income and Review Reports

Your drivers must be able to view income reports - like their earnings in a day or in a month. They must also be able to check passenger reviews.

- Monthly/Weekly/Daily income reports
- View passenger reviews For a ride
- View overall customer rating
- Complain about a bad experience

Sharing Facility

Allow your drivers to share cab rides to help them save time and money. This feature is highly demanded in urban areas.

- Calculate fare for shared Cabs
- Select the best possible route
- Pick and drop off location
- Ride cancel notification

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Why Closeloop For Taxi App Development?

We can help you bridge the gap between your application idea and implementation by developing a visually striking and feature-rich the best app solution.

The Reasons That Make Us The Leading Taxi App Development Agency Amongst SMBs, Startups, and Enterprises.

We have over a decade of experience in developing industry-leading web and mobile app solutions for a variety of clients and industries. Our approach is simple - we keep your business requirements at the core of our entire application development process.

- Get expert consultation for designing and developing your own taxi app solution
- We sign strong NDAs to keep your app idea safe and secure until it is launched
- We use the blend of the latest app development frameworks and technologies to deliver the best solutions
- We are your trusted on-demand cab booking application development services provider. You can also hire experienced app developers from us on a fixed, onsite, or hourly pricing model as per your business requirement and budget. Talk to our experts today to receive a free budget and time quote.


Any Questions Related To Taxi Booking App Development?

Explore the most popular FAQs related to taxi app development services and their answers. If you are not able to find your question below or need answers to any other query, you can drop us a mail at

A typical taxi booking app allows users to book a taxi for traveling from one location to another. This is the basic foundation of any taxi booking app. Based on the scope of the service provided, taxi booking apps can also allow users to book cabs locally as well as for short-distance inter-state travel. Users have to pay the required charges for using the cab service.

A taxi booking application offers a lot of features both for the passenger as well as the driver or the service provider. For example, passengers can book/cancel rides from within the application, make payments for their rides, rate the drivers/service, raise security alerts, etc.

Yes. Not all taxi booking applications are the same. Some have more features than others. It depends upon the scale of the service. An individual can start a taxi service on a small scale and thus might require lesser features as compared to a full-fledged taxi booking app service like Uber or Ola. Talk to us regarding your unique requirements today.

Apart from the core taxi app development services, we also provide application maintenance and support services. We can upgrade your taxi application with the latest technological integrations. We can also troubleshoot any technical issues that may arise in the application in the future.

Yes. Apart from the backend development, we can also take care of the entire UI/UX of the application. We have a dedicated team of UI/UX designers - who can provide custom UI/UX services for your application.

Yes. If you want to develop a cross-platform taxi application, you can contact our experts today.


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