Case Study


Data Analytics Software

Developed a Dynamic Data Analytics Software that doubled onboarding efficiency and enhance client experience


Datacube is a company that revolutionizes team performance assessment through scorecards, mainly targeting businesses providing technical support for residential heating and cooling systems. They identified a gap in CRM tools like Service Titan, which lacked comprehensive KPI dashboards. Datacube's mission was to fill this void by seamlessly integrating with Service Titan's API and offering tailored dashboards. To sum up:

  • Specializes in assessing team performance through scorecards.
  • Focuses on companies offering technical support for heating and cooling systems.
  • Identified a gap in CRM tools regarding comprehensive KPI dashboards.
  • Seamlessly integrates with Service Titan's API to offer tailored dashboards.


Datacube faced two main challenges: complex SQL queries for custom KPIs and a lack of support for TV browsers.

  • Complex SQL queries resulted in slow dashboard loading times.
  • Lack of support for TV browsers hindered clients' ability to assess technicians' performance.
  • Sluggish dashboards affected user experience.
  • TV browser issues impeded effective performance assessment.


To address the challenges, Datacube implemented solutions focusing on SQL query optimization and TV browser compatibility. The Closeloop team optimized SQL queries, reducing loading times significantly. They also ensured compatibility with TV browsers like Silk by integrating Tailwind CSS and resolving CSS and styling issues.


1. Business Growth:

  • Doubled business due to reduced onboarding time.
  • Increased client acquisition with improved dashboard quality.

2. Client Satisfaction:

  • Existing clients showed interest in new features like contest board and access management.
  • Reduced overdue payments and client feedback/complaints.

3. Enhanced Functionality:

  • New features like contest boards and rollup boards improved engagement and data accessibility.
  • Streamlined access management module simplified user experience for clients with multiple locations.

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