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Optimize your development landscape with platform engineering, driving digital transformation.

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Amplify your application delivery with our platform engineering services that not only accelerate business value but also boost developer productivity. Take a holistic approach to managing the entire DevOps cycle, covering infrastructure, procedures, and tools.

At Closeloop, we offer a secure and scalable platform dev service for developing, deploying, and operating software applications in a standardized and efficient way. Our platform engineers guide you through this new, evolving landscape, leveraging modern technology and specialized skills to accelerate your platform journey.

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Proficiency across an array of technologies for tailored and innovative solutions.


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Accomplished projects showcasing expertise, quality, and client satisfaction.


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Stellar client satisfaction reflected in impressive retention rates and enduring partnerships.

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Brands we have helped solve challenges, innovate processes, and elevate operations, all while fostering growth.

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Data Analytics Software



Reduction in onboarding time


Increase in client interest

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A Next Zen Staffing Software



Increase in Placements


Decrease in scheduling time

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NetSuite ERP Implementation



Efficiency Increase


Productivity Enhancement

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Ithos Global

Cosmetic Regulatory Software



Reduction in IT costs


Faster Disaster Recovery

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Let us help you build scalable platforms optimized for experience and performance.


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It's advisable to transition to platform engineering when you notice that your engineers spend a significant amount of time searching for tools, templates, and workflows rather than solving development issues. A developer platform can alleviate the cognitive burden on engineers, allowing them to refocus on delivering quality work.

We understand that the strength of a platform lies in its tailor-made features. Our team evaluates your organization, objectives, engineering capabilities, and preferences to craft a platform with the necessary tools for your team's productivity. We delve into your current processes and identify areas for improving developer efficiency.

The pricing for platform engineering services can fluctuate depending on various factors such as project complexity, duration, resource requirements, and customization levels. For an accurate cost estimate, it's advisable to have a detailed discussion with our experts regarding your specific needs.


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