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ITHOS Information Network is a prominent provider of regulatory compliance software and services for the cosmetic, personal care, and chemical industries. The company aids organizations in effectively managing and navigating intricate global regulations and product compliance requirements. Leveraging a cloud-based platform, the ITHOS Information Network integrates regulatory expertise with cutting-edge software tools, facilitating streamlined compliance processes, product formulation assessments, regulatory report generation, and access to pertinent regulatory data.

Problem Statementtitle icon

In the past, businesses seeking to enter the cosmetic industry encountered various hurdles concerning regulatory compliance, technical specifications, and adhering to industry best practices. This crucial information is essential for those involved in the development or implementation of cosmetic solutions.

While a plethora of cosmetic-related information is available online, it is often scattered across multiple websites and sources, making it challenging to locate the necessary data. Additionally, identifying reliable suppliers for these products can prove to be a daunting task.

The current infrastructure of IIN has several notable shortcomings, including a lack of standardization, security vulnerabilities, complexity, the absence of disaster recovery systems, limitations in scalability and reliability, and high expenses.

Recognizing the importance of addressing these issues, ITHOS sought a dependable partner with expertise in constructing secure and sustainable cloud-based systems to collaborate and find effective solutions. As a result, ITHOS enlisted CloseLoop's assistance to propose a new architecture hosted on AWS, aiming to mitigate these challenges while ensuring minimal disruption during the transition.

How Closeloop assisted ITHOS in building this complex solutiontitle icon

Closeloop played a crucial role in assisting ITHOS in building their sophisticated IIN solution, providing a range of valuable services:

  • Consulting: Closeloop's consultants aided ITHOS in understanding the intricate requirements of their IIN solution. For example, ITHOS needed a secure and compliant way to track numerous assets. Closeloop's consultants worked closely with ITHOS to develop a technical architecture that fulfilled these needs.

  • Development: Closeloop's developers collaborated with ITHOS's team to build the core components of the IIN solution, encompassing the data model, APIs, and user interface. The IIN solution's central repository for cosmetics information was developed alongside additional features such as document management, compliance reporting, and supplier outreach. These functionalities allow businesses to store and manage cosmetics-related documents, generate compliance reports demonstrating regulatory adherence, and connect with relevant suppliers.

  • Testing: Closeloop's QA team conducted rigorous testing of the IIN solution to ensure it aligned with ITHOS's requirements and identified any potential defects. This encompassed both functional and security testing, guaranteeing that the IIN solution met ITHOS's demands and upheld robust security measures.

  • AWS Migration: Closeloop's deployment team worked alongside ITHOS to successfully deploy the IIN solution on AWS Cloud. The process involved configuring the solution on ITHOS's servers and ensuring accessibility for users. Closeloop provided migration services, consulting, and managed support for AWS Cloud, using AWS Snowball, Import/Export, and DataSync for migration. They also offered 24/7 support for maintenance, advising on AWS architecture and security best practices.

As a result of Closeloop's invaluable assistance, ITHOS experienced a remarkable 30% reduction in IT costs after transitioning to AWS Cloud. In addition, disaster recovery capabilities were improved, new features and services became accessible, scalability was enhanced, and the security of sensitive financial data was heightened. Overall, Closeloop proved to be a valuable partner, enabling ITHOS to achieve its business objectives of cost reduction, scalability enhancement, and security improvement. As a result, ITHOS is well-prepared for continued growth in the foreseeable future.

Furthermore, Closeloop continues to offer ongoing support and maintenance for the IIN solution, solidifying their commitment to ITHOS's success.

Closeloop's assistance was truly indispensable, enabling ITHOS to successfully build a complex IIN solution that met all their requirements. The IIN solution has been in production for several years, and its performance has been commendable.

Impacttitle icon

ITHOS Information Network has a significant impact on consumer products' regulatory compliance and safety. By providing accurate and up-to-date regulatory information, the company assists organizations in navigating the intricate landscape of global regulations. As a result, companies can manufacture and distribute products that comply with applicable legal requirements, thereby enhancing consumer safety and confidence.

Conclusiontitle icon

ITHOS Information Network, operating through its website, has emerged as a prominent player in delivering regulatory compliance software and services. With its cloud-based platform, the company effectively aids organizations in navigating complex global regulations and ensuring the safety and compliance of their products.

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