Case Study

Ithos Global

Cosmetic Regulatory Software

Scalable, secure, and cost-effective regulatory compliance solution on AWS


Ithos Information Network is a leading provider of regulatory compliance software and services tailored for the cosmetic, personal care, and chemical industries. Their expertise lies in aiding organizations to effectively manage and navigate intricate global regulations and product compliance requirements. Leveraging a cloud-based platform, Ithos integrates regulatory expertise with cutting-edge software tools, facilitating streamlined compliance processes, product formulation assessments, regulatory report generation, and access to pertinent regulatory data.


In the past, businesses entering the cosmetic industry faced numerous hurdles related to regulatory compliance, technical specifications, and industry best practices. Accessing crucial information essential for product development and implementation was challenging due to scattered data across multiple sources. 

Additionally, identifying reliable suppliers further complicated the process. The existing infrastructure of Ithos Information Network had notable shortcomings, including lack of standardization, security vulnerabilities, complexity, absence of disaster recovery systems, scalability limitations, and high expenses.


Ithos collaborated with Closeloop to address these challenges by proposing a new architecture hosted on AWS. Closeloop's assistance included consulting, development, testing, and AWS migration services. Through consulting, Closeloop understood Ithos's requirements and developed a technical architecture.

  • Development focused on core components and additional features.
  • Rigorous testing ensured alignment with requirements and security measures.
  • AWS migration facilitated the transition to a secure and scalable infrastructure.


  • 30% reduction in IT costs post-transition to AWS Cloud.
  • Improved disaster recovery capabilities and scalability.
  • Enhanced security for sensitive data.
  • Achieved business objectives of cost reduction, scalability enhancement, and security improvement.
  • Ongoing support and maintenance from Closeloop ensured continued success.

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