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At Closeloop, our expertise in custom software solutions goes beyond the ordinary. Through comprehensive analysis of your business processes, challenges, and objectives, we craft software solutions precisely tailored to your needs, optimizing productivity and profitability. With us, you not only receive premier software services but also gain access to a full team dedicated solely to your project, including QA, project managers, designers, and developers.

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Proficiency across a spectrum of cutting-edge technologies and platforms.


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Accomplished projects showcasing expertise, quality, and client satisfaction.


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Our Software Development Services

Software Consulting

Empower your project with the expertise of our skilled software consulting team. From assisting in selecting the right technology stack to advising on system architecture implementation, we ensure that your software is built on a solid foundation.

Custom Software Development

Experience the agility of our development processes without compromising quality or delivery schedules. From startups to large enterprises, we deliver custom software development services that optimize core processes and address complex challenges, ensuring seamless integration and maximum efficiency.

Enterprise Software Development

Transform your enterprise into a dynamic and responsive ecosystem with our tailored software development solutions. Our tech experts develop dynamic enterprise applications that optimize critical business functions and seamlessly integrate with existing environments and systems, ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity.

Custom Mobile and Web App Development

Elevate your digital presence with our expert mobile and web application development services. From high-performance apps to cost-effective web solutions, we build secure, scalable, and accessible mobile and web apps that fit any screen size, delivering superior functionality and compelling design.

Cloud Computing

Get the most out of cloud computing with our custom cloud solutions. Our cloud computing services address your pain points, modernizing infrastructure, protecting software data, and building applications for multi-cloud and hybrid environments. With our scalable solutions, your business can thrive in the cloud.

Legacy Software Modernization

Revitalize your legacy software and explore its full potential with our modernization services. We redesign, refactor, migrate, and optimize legacy systems, providing them with a new lease on life in the modern tech landscape.

Our Clients

Brands we have helped solve challenges, innovate processes, and elevate operations, all while fostering growth.

Case Studies

Discover How Our Solutions Have Made a Difference in Real-world Scenarios

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Ithos Global

Cosmetic Regulatory Software



Reduction in IT costs


Faster Disaster Recovery

Explore Case Study


Data Analytics Software



Reduction in onboarding time


Increase in client interest

Explore Case Study

McCreadie Vestigo

Clinical Research Software

Explore Case Study


NetSuite ERP Implementation



Efficiency Increase


Productivity Enhancement

Explore Case Study

Create your dream platforms with a top-tier custom software development agency.


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When choosing a custom software development company, start by defining your project objectives, available resources, and timeframe. Seek referrals and review portfolios to gauge the company's reputation and expertise. Look for innovation and user-centric design in their approach, along with transparency in their development processes. By considering these factors, you can confidently select the right software development service provider.

Custom software is tailored to your specific business needs and challenges. It can greatly increase productivity by simplifying processes, boosting efficiency, and automating tasks, ultimately driving business growth.

The cost of custom software development varies depending on several factors, such as software type, platform support, feature complexity, design uniqueness, integration needs, and infrastructure requirements. Contact our team for a free project cost calculation.

- Rapid Development: We speed up software development, turning your ideas into reality within weeks, giving your business an edge.

- Expert Guidance: Led by CTO/CIO expertise, we plan strategically and conduct market research to future-proof your application.

- Complete Solutions: Our full-stack approach covers all development stages, ensuring a comprehensive solution from planning to support.

- Flexible Team: With on-site and offshore resources, including backend, DevOps, mobile app, and full-stack developers, we cater to organizations of all sizes and offer customized services.


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