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The McCreadie Group specializes in providing innovative software solutions tailored for Investigational Drug Services (IDS). One of their flagship offerings, Vestigo, is a web-based platform widely utilized by IDS. The platform is a comprehensive tool for managing various aspects of investigational drug products, including tracking clinical trials, managing study teams, monitoring patient enrollments, and overseeing IRB expirations. Importantly, Vestigo integrates with key systems such as OnCore, Research Pharmacists, EMR Systems, and Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS).


Upon analysis, certain features and workflows within Vestigo required enhancement to ensure heightened security and transparency. The current manual processes for compiling budgetary information and managing protocol development tasks were inefficient and prone to errors. Integrating these processes seamlessly within Vestigo was crucial to improving workflow efficiency and data accuracy.

Protocol Budget:

  • Manual Processes: Reliance on manual processes using Excel for compiling budgetary information.
  • Time-Consuming: Significant time investment required to create, manage, and update budget files.
  • Lack of Integration: Inability to link budgets with active studies, hindering cost monitoring.

Protocol Checklist:

  • Disjointed Solutions: Use disparate Excel or Word solutions to track protocol development tasks.
  • Integration Issues: Poor integration with Vestigo's broader solution led to inefficiencies in workflow management.


To address the challenges, Closeloop proposed electronic solutions integrated within Vestigo. For the Protocol Budget, an electronic budget template solution was implemented to streamline the budget creation process. This allowed for consistent budget templates to be used during protocol creation, enhancing efficiency and accuracy. Similarly, a Protocol Checklist was implemented with standardized templates for task management, providing a common approach across sites and facilities.

Protocol Budget:

  • Electronic Solution: Implement an electronic budget template solution within Vestigo.
  • Streamlined Process: Utilize budget templates during protocol creation to streamline the process.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Provide a central repository within Vestigo for budget management and monitoring.

Protocol Checklist:

  • Standardized Approach: Implement a Protocol Checklist with standardized templates for task management.
  • Cross-Facility Integration: Standardize checklist usage across sites and facilities for uniformity.
  • Lifecycle Enhancement: Extend Vestigo's usage throughout the protocol lifecycle for comprehensive management.


The solutions implemented by Closeloop yielded significant improvements in efficiency and effectiveness:

  • Reduced Support Burden
    Approximately a 45% reduction in daily support tickets related to password resets.
  • Enhanced Program Management
    Improved capability for Residency Program Directors (RPD) to manage programs effectively.
  • Improved User Experience
    Streamlined password recovery process for residents, enhancing overall user satisfaction and security measures.

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