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Salesforce Implementation



Enhanced Lead Management


Pricing Accuracy Enhancement

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Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation



Increase in Agent Productivity


Reduction in Response Times

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Salesforce & NetSuite Integration using Celigo



Reduction in Data Inaccuracy


Increase in Revenue Recognition Efficiency

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Customer Relationship Management software, popularly known as CRM software, is a must-have for almost all customer-focused businesses. It helps your business to establish a close relationship with your current and future customers. It can also help build brand loyalty and achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

Consider it as a bridge of communication between you and your customers. Furthermore, it helps you get advanced data analytics. With the right CRM strategies, your business can improve the lead generation process and go-to-market time.

Yes. We excel in providing custom CRM development services to our clients. Whether you want detailed marketing and sales insights for your business or automate your marketing workflow, we can handle all your custom CRM development needs here.

Our experienced consultants and developers are hired after a stringent vetting process. Almost all of them have experience of 8+ years in core software development and implementation services.

Closeloop is a market leader in software development and has worked with multiple businesses and industries. We have unmatched expertise in developing CRM solutions for all industries - healthcare, travel & tourism, hospitality, IT and communications, etc. Our strength lies in our expert and dedicated team of developers with all the necessary skills to help you develop functional CRM solutions for growing your business.


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