Case Study


A Next Zen Staffing Software

Next-gen recruitment software with unbiased hiring and automated interview scheduling features.


The client is a leading recruitment agency in the US, committed to delivering HR solutions that benefit both employers and employees. In a landscape filled with job portals and consultancies, the need for efficient, cost-effective, and unbiased recruitment solutions became evident. The mission was to revolutionize talent acquisition, eliminate biased recruitment processes, support compliance, and streamline hiring while maximizing business value for all stakeholders.


The primary challenge was to develop a machine learning-based matching algorithm capable of delivering accurate results within seconds. Additionally, automating the interview scheduling process was essential to save time for both parties. Lastly, building a robust payroll and reporting module was crucial to providing insights for job managers and recruiters.


To overcome these challenges, Closeloop developed a cutting-edge SaaS platform, Ajna, offering a bias-free recruiting solution for both internal and external hires.

  • Ajna SaaS Platform: Industry's first bias-free recruiting solution catering to all stakeholders.
  • Advanced Matching Algorithm: Utilizes machine learning for accurate candidate-job matching.
  • Automated Scheduling Algorithm: Saves time and enhances communication between employers and candidates.


  • Exceptional Staffing Experiences: Provided for both clients and candidates across major industries.
  • Widespread Adoption: Ajna's system gained popularity among job hunters and employers.
  • Promoting Equitable Hiring Practices: Through unbiased AI/ML, provided gated profiles and bias-free job descriptions.

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