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The client is a leading recruitment agency in the US, aiming to provide HR solutions that benefit both employers and employees.

In today's world, we have numerous job portals, online employment exchanges, consultancies, and company websites, making recruitment options abundant. However, many existing solutions in the market fail to be time-saving, cost-effective, and effective at finding qualified candidates. Ajna's goal is to eliminate bias, support compliance, decrease attrition, and streamline hiring processes, all while maximizing business value and saving time for everyone involved.

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The primary challenge was to develop a machine learning-based matching algorithm capable of delivering accurate results within seconds. Additionally, we needed to create an automated interview scheduling process to save time for both employees and employers. Lastly, we had to build a payroll and reporting module that displays multiple reports based on various criteria, catering to job managers, recruiters, etc.

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To address these challenges, we have developed Ajna, a cutting-edge SAAS platform and the industry's first bias-free external and internal recruiting solution. Ajna caters to employers, job seekers, and recruitment agencies. For employers seeking the most qualified candidates, it offers modern technology, advanced search engines, and superior services to simplify the recruitment process. For individuals exploring new job opportunities or career paths, Ajna helps them discover suitable options.

Ajna's search engine utilizes a machine learning-based matching algorithm, considering various parameters such as job type, proximity, compensation, employment type, experience, job titles, requirements, and duties. By matching values from both the employer and candidate sides, the platform displays an average matching percentage on candidate and job cards, with the highest matching results ranked first. Ajna also features an automated scheduling tool, real-time communication, and two-way profile transparency, contributing to increased acceptance of job offers.

The platform makes recruitment faster and easier, breaking down barriers through advanced job searches. Employers and candidates can explore a wider range of opportunities, while the time taken for the recruitment process is significantly reduced. Employers can advertise job vacancies, and candidates can post their resumes and provide feedback. A unique aspect of Ajna is that candidate profiles are gated until the interview is accepted, ensuring that skills, qualifications, and experience take the spotlight while personal information like names and profile pictures remain private.

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We have successfully developed a web-based SAAS Recruitment software and an iOS application that delivers exceptional staffing and employment experiences for both our clients and candidates across various major industries. Our system provides comprehensive office staffing and payroll services to organizations nationwide. This advanced and efficient system has gained widespread adoption among job hunters and employers. Ajna stands apart by overcoming biased AI technologies and presenting gated profiles, bias-free job descriptions, and profile-building tools that promote equitable hiring practices.

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Take a closer look at real-world screenshots of the Ajna software and the results achieved through our solutions.

Ajna Software
Ajna Software
Ajna Software

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