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UTR Sports

Web Platform & Mobile App Development

Web Platform and Mobile App Development


UTR Sports offers a comprehensive global platform catering to pickleball and tennis enthusiasts. Their platform serves as a hub connecting players, coaches, clubs, and federations worldwide. At the heart of their services lies the UTR (Universal Tennis Rating) system, recognized as the most precise rating system globally. This rating system is inclusive, evaluating players of all ages, genders, geographical locations, and skill levels solely based on their actual match performances.


Our analysis of the existing UTR Sports platform revealed several baseline issues hindering user convenience, notably the absence of a single-click payment method for returning customers. Without the option to save payment details, users encountered friction during event registrations, leading to incomplete transactions and potential customer churn.

  • UTR Sports platform lacked a one-click payment method for returning customers.
  • Users couldn't save payment details for future transactions during event registrations.
  • Friction in the registration process led to incomplete transactions and potential customer churn.


To tackle these challenges head-on, Closeloop proposed a multifaceted solution that aims to simplify the registration process and improve user convenience:

Ability to Save and Manage Credit Cards

  • Introduced a feature using Stripe payments, allowing users to save and manage credit/debit cards during event registration.

Apple Pay & Google Pay Integration

  • Implemented single-tap payments using Apple Pay and Google Pay to streamline event registration.

Enhanced Notifications

  • Upgraded notification system to include real-time text notifications alongside email notifications using Twilio.


Following the implementation of these solutions, the UTR Sports platform witnessed a notable transformation in its registration process and user experience:

Improved Registration Flow

  • Thoroughly revised registration process flow with a new feature enabling users to save payment cards for future use, enhancing convenience.

Seamless Integration

  • Updated Stripe payment flow to seamlessly incorporate the save card feature without disrupting existing processes, ensuring a smooth payment experience.

Enhanced User Experience

  • Encouraged returning customers to register effortlessly, reducing friction and incomplete transactions, resulting in a more streamlined and customer-centric event registration system.

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