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Closeloop's analysis of the existing Universal Tennis platform revealed several baseline issues, including the absence of a single-click payment method for returning customers. As a result, there was no way for them to save their payment details for future transactions when registering for events.

To address these issues, the Closeloop team proposed the following enhancements:

Ability to Save and Manage Credit Cards: A feature was added to the event registration process using Stripe payments that allowed users to save and manage their credit/debit cards. This way, users could easily register for events in the future without having to re-enter their payment details, simplifying the process and reducing incomplete registrations.

Ability to Pay via Apple Pay & Google Pay: To further improve the payment flow, the team introduced single-tap payments using Apple Pay and Google Pay, making event registration quicker and more convenient.

Notifications: The platform's notification system was enhanced to include real-time text notifications in addition to email notifications. Twilio was implemented to handle SMS notifications for event registration and updates.

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During the project, the registration process flow was thoroughly revised, and a new feature was introduced that allowed users to save their payment cards for future use while registering for events. This convenient option was saved at the settings level, giving users the flexibility to edit or update their saved card information whenever needed.

To integrate this functionality seamlessly, the stripe payment flow was also updated. The focus was on ensuring that the existing stripe process remained undisturbed while incorporating the new save card feature. This way, users could experience a smooth and uninterrupted payment experience while enjoying the convenience of saving their payment details for future transactions.

By implementing these changes, the registration process became more user-friendly and efficient, encouraging returning customers to register for events effortlessly without the hassle of re-entering payment information. This improvement significantly enhanced the overall user experience and contributed to a more streamlined and customer-centric event registration system.

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Take a closer look at real-world screenshots of the Universal Tennis platform and the results achieved through our solutions.

Universal Tennis
Universal Tennis
Universal Tennis
Universal Tennis
Universal Tennis
Universal Tennis

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