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Innovative and Custom Medicine App Solutions

Online pharmacy app developers at Closeloop are the champions when it comes to medicine delivery app development. We believe in creativity, innovation, and ROI-driven solutions, which makes us the best in the industry.

With the rapid rise in the development of pharmacy sites and applications, more and more consumers are choosing to order medicines online. It makes their experience convenient and comfortable as the required medicines are delivered to their doorstep. Medical stores and pharmacies are moving online.

By creating an appealing online medicine delivery app, you have the opportunity to make the most of this fast-growing market. Get in touch with us today to discuss your business idea or project. We will work on your expectations and requirements to create a profitable and easy-to-market mobile app.

Key Features - For Service Providers

Product Importing

The service provider or store can add the product to specific categories or import in bulk using a spreadsheet. They can manage the pricing of the medicines, as well as description and availability.

Manage Orders

When there are new orders, a notification comes showing the user details, medicines to be shipped, and payment details. Based on that, the medicines can be shipped and delivered on time.

Return and Refund

In case the customer chooses to return any order (full or partial), the service provider can manage it and update the status. After receiving the products, the refund can be processed online.

Coupons and Promotions

To attract new users and make existing ones order more from the app, you can provide discount coupons, promotions, and offers. These can be enabled for specific categories and special days.

Invoice Creation and Uploading

While processing the order, the service provider can choose to upload its own invoice or create one online. This will be delivered to the customer with the order.

Manage Categories

The service provider can create new categories and manage them easily. The medicines and pharmaceutical products can be added to relevant categories, making it easier for customers to find the required products.

Key Features - For Customer

Search & Filter

Customers can easily search for the required medicines and apply category-wise filters. It makes their medicine-finding experience simple and convenient.

Upload Prescription

With this feature, you can allow customers to upload a photo of their medicine prescription and place the order directly. They can also click a picture with an in-app camera for a quick experience.

Online Payment Option

After adding the medicines to the cart or uploading the prescription, customers can choose to pay online while placing the order. We integrate multiple payment options and gateways for a native experience.


Many consumers forget to take their medicines according to the prescribed time. On that front, you can add the advanced feature of medicine reminders which notifies the customers to take the pills.

Refilling & Reordering

When the ordered medicines are about to be finished, customers get the option to reorder the medicines in advance so that they never run out of required medicines. They can also make changes to the list while reordering.

Rating & Review

After the delivery of medicines, the customers can rate the order and write their experience with the use of the application, service provider, and the status of medicines.

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Improvement in Program Management Efficiency

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Why Choose Closeloop for Pharmacy App Development

Closeloop is your trusted online pharmacy app development company, specialized in digitizing your business.

What Makes Closeloop the preferred choice of startups, SMBs, as well as large enterprises

Being a top pharmacy app development company, we strive to offer the most innovative mobile app solutions to businesses. Over the years, we have established ourselves as the number one choice for app development.

- A dedicated team of developers for mobile application development
- Timely deployment and delivery of apps
- Reasonable costs and flexible engagement model

Get in touch with our team now to discuss your project and get an estimated quote. We are always looking to serve you in the best manner and provide innovative solutions.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have answered all your common questions below. In case you need more details, feel free to email us at

Yes. We understand that a one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t work for everyone. We have experienced pharmacy app developers who can customize the application according to your requirements and expectations.

The demand for online pharmacy applications is continuously increasing as a massive number of users prefer to get things delivered to home. In such a scenario, it is a great and profitable business idea. It improves the assistance for patients, saves customers time and money, while bringing medical stores and service providers more customers than usual.

The final cost of development will depend on the features and functionalities required in the app, technologies used, operating systems chosen, complexity, etc. On average, the medicine delivery app development cost will be somewhere between $20,000 to $40,000.

We recommend getting your app developed for both Android and iOS to cover a wide surface of mobile users. However, if you want the app for only one operating system, then it would be better to go with the one that is being used by the majority of the audience in your targeted regions.

Once you have shared the requirements, our developers will start working on the app dedicatedly. Usually, we take 15-30 days, but it varies depending on the features and functionalities to be added to the app, and complexity.


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