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In the healthcare sector, a cyclone of technology is impacting thousands of lives today. From Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Virtual Reality (VR) to the Internet of Things (IoT) to robotics, health-tracking apps, and wearable technology, everything has been introduced to reduce struggles and resolve healthcare issues.

We all want to live life with minimal health concerns, and you need the best healthcare facilities and systems for the same. Many health tech startups, big pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and doctors put their minds and souls into making human life better worldwide.

Software technology enfolds digital transformation in different business verticals, and healthcare is no exception. Like every vertical, the healthcare sector has its unique software requirements.

Healthcare organizations demand technologies that can facilitate interactions with customers, patients, doctors, and medical staff, and besides, they require tools for team collaboration, workflow management, internal and external communication, etc.

Nothing can beat the beast in software evolution - Salesforce CRM solutions for healthcare. Salesforce Health Cloud software offers various tools for the healthcare system, from acquiring patients to converting them and maintaining long-term engagement.

In 2016, since the release of Salesforce Health Cloud, the relationship of patients and caregivers evolved, and patients expressed strong interest in communicating with healthcare providers after the first engagement through telehealth and were likely to share health documents from intelligent devices.

Reasons why healthcare system adopted Salesforce CRM solution for effective and efficient workflow

salesforce CRM solution for health cloud

  • Connect Siloed Systems

Companies creating a local solution and expanding worldwide can take advantage of centralized data. According to a survey report by HIMSS Analytics, the average hospital uses 16 disparate Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems. Salesforce brings information worldwide, so ample methods didn't silo the data from different departments but provided actual 360-degree views.

Apart from EHR systems, Salesforce connects data from medical claims, medical reports, billing, and marketing information in one place. Dispersed data from ample integrated systems are worthless for customer-centric organizations.

Salesforce changes the game by connecting the dots of data through collaborative tools. Using Health Level 7(HL7) APIs, EHR and EMR information and other forms of data can be securely integrated with Salesforce. This type of solution enables caregivers to work more efficiently, make quicker and better decisions, and spend more time on patient care by bringing together all of a patient's previously isolated data in one place.

  • Data Intelligence (DI)

Talking about CRM systems leveraging data intelligence is crucial for companies to obtain meaningful data. Using data intelligence in Customer Relationship Management solutions facilitates data-driven decision-making. Like CRM nurtures the customer experience, so does DI fosters data culture.

Salesforce affiliated DI techniques enable analytical wizards to process data into a single system to improve health results. Tableau CRM (previously Einstein Analytics) provides actionable data to healthcare practitioners so that patient requirements can be predicted and met ahead of time.

Salesforce Health Cloud Solution consolidated with thread identification tool highlights high-risk patients and monitors and coordinates information with caregivers to ensure the best possible care management plan. Wearable devices, such as fitness trackers, can send data to Salesforce, which can help with post-discharge care for chronic illnesses under observation.

Overall, Salesforce enables healthcare professionals to make data-driven decisions that improve health outcomes and enhance patient-provider satisfaction.

  • Empowerment of Healthcare Team

Salesforce Health Cloud enhances coordination between cross-functional teams for better care delivery and optimizing EHR data. The system allows many caregivers to form a team dedicated to patient care management. Special doctors, physicians, wellness providers, household nurses, and anybody involved in a patient's healthcare management could form this group.

This cloud-based healthcare tool simplified the complexities and improved efficiencies with synchronizing data, task automation, internal team communication, and availability of immediate insights they need on any device.

Individuals may examine a single care management plan, assign tasks, and send messages back and forth from any device, depending on their role on the team. Other Service Cloud tools, such as Knowledge and Live Agent, are also available.

For those striving to keep their patients happy and healthy. Care Teams encourage collaboration and productivity. It's a win-win situation for both providers and patients.

  • Personalized Experiential Learning

There's no denying it: customers expect individualized experiences across the board, and healthcare is no exception. Healthcare professionals can utilize Salesforce to personalize every step of the healthcare process, thanks to a wealth of data at their fingertips.

Patient data cards and visual care timelines make pertinent information readily available to contact center personnel, allowing them to deliver more accurate, personalized responses to patient inquiries.

Furthermore, whether through calls, SMS, or an online Salesforce Communities site, it may constantly handle patient communication according to the patient's preferences. Salesforce's numerous customization options can help to create trust, strengthen patient-provider relationships, and (as always) improve health results.


  • Secure Data

Healthcare businesses place a high priority on data security. Breaches can endanger patient safety and cost millions of dollars. Salesforce, fortunately, makes it simple for healthcare organizations to keep ownership of their data while being compliant with HIPAA and HITRUST. 

Healthcare businesses may ensure that electronically protected health information (ePHI) is secured and only accessible by authorized users using Salesforce Shield in conjunction with Health Cloud, as well as monitor user interactions and keep an audit trail of field data.

Despite the fact that regulatory requirements are limiting by nature, Salesforce allows for innovation. The CRM system allows security-conscious healthcare organizations to add functionality without sacrificing data protection. Healthcare firms can improve their processes by using provider matching, telemedicine solutions, document management, and insurance verification apps.

Patients, clinicians, members and payers, consumers, and healthcare corporations all have daily and urgent communications and workflows that Health Cloud improves and optimizes.

Let's see the unique role of Salesforce Health Cloud Solution in diverse healthcare industry groups below.

Healthcare Providers

The Salesforce CRM revamps the business technology for hospitals, doctors, and care providers from legacy technology like in-person visits, physical documentation, and phone calls.

Salesforce tools enable the engagement of patients in preventive care, resulting in cost-effective treatment and an increase in the number of healthy patients.

In the new era of healthcare, patients look for preventive care rather than getting diagnosed each time. After they leave the hospital or the doctor's clinic, engagement with the patient should continue for future growth. See the benefits for health providers below:

  • Caregivers who work with a patient-centric approach will get a 360-degree view of patient data.
  • Due to access to patient health details, health care providers give effective and custom care to them.
  • Caregivers can have real-time patient coordination and engagement.
  • It also gives the care team the ability to achieve commercial excellence by connecting sales, business operations, and patient services teams with critical data and actionable insights.
  • Streamline coordination between doctor-patient.

Insurance members or payers

Leading insurers are entrusted with building meaningful relationships with their customers in order to attract and retain them. To best support and improve the member experience, use Health Cloud to customize care, facilitate collaboration, and simplify authorization requests with utilization management.

Health insurance companies can integrate the Salesforce Health Cloud into their system efficiently.

Pharma and biotech companies

Salesforce Health Cloud can help you optimize operations, drive innovation, decrease complexity, and see better results from patient support programs, whether it's clinical trial enrollment or therapy-specific services.

Medical devices

Health Cloud eliminates the guesswork from managing commercial operations, creating and maintaining partnerships with providers, and communicating with patients on a more personal, compliant, and successful level as a unified digital platform.

Final thoughts

Healthcare professionals must be as efficient as possible while still offering excellent treatment. Salesforce Health Cloud makes this possible in various ways, but the real benefit is that it provides a comprehensive, 360-degree view of the patient.




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