Is Salesforce CRM the Best Choice for Your Business? Pros & Cons

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Customers are the most important part or lifeblood of a business. The way you onboard customers, manage relationships with them and offer them the expected solutions and support defines your success in the long run.

Regardless of the types of solutions you sell, customer relationship management or CRM plays a big role in the efficient and convenient journey of customers. When it comes to choosing a CRM software for business, the name of Salesforce is one of the biggest in the industry.

It is popular and reliable because of enabling seamless customer relationship management, relying on the cloud, providing remote accessibility, integrations, flexibility in configuring reports, and other such benefits.

Thousands of businesses that have adopted this software claim that it has helped them transform the customer experience, changed the way they sell solutions, and grow the business. However, it doesn’t mean that Salesforce is a perfect CRM software for every business.

In this quick yet comprehensive write-up, let’s talk about the capabilities of Salesforce CRM, the pros and cons, and the role of a Salesforce certified consultant. This will help you decide whether Salesforce is the right CRM for your business.

What is CRM Software?

what is CRM Software

The meaning of CRM is a strategy, technique, or practice that helps you make the relationships with customers better. For this, CRM software comes into place as a tool, web application, or software.

The role of CRM software is to help businesses pay attention to their customers and partners, whether they are direct consumers, buyers, suppliers, etc.

Since customers are the most important assets of a business, CRM software like Salesforce plays a vital role in managing effective customer relationships.

Currently, Salesforce is the leading player in the market for CRM platforms. It also helps in the management of marketing, sales, commerce, internal teams, etc.

Benefits of Salesforce CRM for Your Business

benefits of salesforce CRM for businesses

Sales teams of your company are responsible for converting leads into potential clients. They manage the entire sales process, from onboarding the clients to managing communication with them.

On that front, Salesforce CRM helps in automating sales processes and boosting the efficiency of sales teams. The software stores the customer data, contacts, which can be accessed from anywhere by the sales teams. It helps them to stay informed about the clients and become well-prepared for calls, emails, and appointments.

There are features for optimal tracking leads. Sales employees can identify the primary leads, get in touch with them, and convince them to buy your solutions. It is also a great way to prevent missing great opportunities.

In addition, it is an efficient platform for generating expressive reports within minutes. There are options for forecasting and reporting that help in the analysis of data and getting things done in less time. Hence, the software saves time and resources, allowing your employees to focus on important things and onboard more customers faster. This is essential to accelerate business growth.


The core focus of marketing is on customers and the market. Here, the marketing teams work on raising awareness about the offerings of the company in the market. Then they try to generate leads so that sales teams can convert them. For setting up an efficient customer journey, a great marketing strategy is essential.

For this, Salesforce has features like Journey Builder that automates and personalizes the customer journey. Moreover, your marketing teams can quickly visualize even the complicated journeys.

It is great for keeping eye on the expectations of the customers, modifying strategies as required, and responding to their requirements in a personalized manner. This eventually results in a great customer experience and generates more leads.

Talking about the marketing campaigns for particular goals, Salesforce allows you to integrate multiple channels. You can manage the campaigns, customer data, and pay great attention to details of the campaign plans. As a result, the campaigns become optimized, saving your budget and finding more leads in an optimum budget.

For instance, Salesforce has a number of handy marketing features, like Email Studio and Social Studio. The Email Studio helps in creating custom email marketing campaigns, whereas the Social Studio is useful for social media marketing and visualizing the overall social activities.

Another benefit of Salesforce CRM for marketing includes smart analysis of marketing strategies to modify the activities and campaigns for optimum results. 

Customer Service

Customer service includes providing support to customers, solving their queries, resolving the tickets at the earliest, etc. The aim of all these things is to satisfy customers.

Using Salesforce CRM, you can make the response time to customers faster. It is important because customers expect quick answers to their questions or problems. On this front, Salesforce comes with features that help you respond to customers quickly and efficiently.

For instance, you can view the transactions of customers with your business, check previous emails and call logs, transfer calls to other departments for immediate processing, etc. It provides you with a unified portal where you can get a glimpse of almost everything related to the customer.

Moreover, the platform brings together multiple support channels, like social media chats, emails, live chats, etc. The feature of Salesforce Knowledge offers you quick answers to many queries of customers. All these tools improve the experience of your customers and show your dedication towards them. 

Limitations of Salesforce CRM

Every software or platform comes with both pros and cons. The same is the case with Salesforce. While the disadvantages are limited compared to benefits, you still should consider them to decide whether Salesforce is the right CRM platform for your business. Following are some of the primary cons of this software:

Limited Technical Support

Facing technical issues with technologies is common. In case you face any errors in using the platform, not all the issues are resolved quickly. Although it has a dedicated team to offer support, still sometimes it takes longer than expected to find replies to live chat or a dedicated person to help you get rid of issues. It can hamper your productivity and efficiency in using the system. 

Setup Takes Time

Undoubtedly, Salesforce comes with a wide range of features and functionalities that benefits your business, but if you don’t have a skilled team, the setup process becomes time-consuming.

Not only will you need assistance, but also a skilled person to identify which tools are well-suited for you. For saving time and setting up the platform quickly, it is best to opt for Salesforce consulting services

Long Learning Curve

Because of the breadth of functionalities available with the platform, the learning curve is almost never-ending. One person or team can’t learn everything to make the most out of it. 

Expensive Customizations

While this software has a broad range of capabilities that comes with scalability in pricing, the customizations are available at an additional cost. It can increase your expected costs. You would be better with a CRM development company that can develop add-ons for you.

Wrapping Up: Salesforce CRM for Businesses

Based on the benefits and limitations mentioned above, you can decide whether Salesforce is the perfect fit for your business or not. When choosing a new platform, you can’t simply focus on the pros. Some cons also matter for businesses. For example, if you don’t have a team with technical skills, you may find yourself stuck while using it.


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