Case Study

McCreadie PharmAcademic

Software for Pharmacy Education & Residency Programs

Streamlined user management and enhanced security, yielding significant improvements.


McCreadie Group specializes in providing cutting-edge software solutions for Pharmacy Education & Residency Programs and Research Pharmacies. Their flagship product, PharmAcademic, is a comprehensive platform for managing experiential education, assessment, courses, curricular outcomes, and portfolios tailored to support pharmacists throughout their careers. PharmAcademic's primary goal is to streamline processes, eliminate inefficiencies, and enable the effective allocation of resources where they're needed most.


Upon analysis of the existing processes within PharmAcademic, we identified several key issues.

High Volume of Support Tickets

A significant portion of support activities (approximately 25%) revolved around password reset requests, stemming from issues with the current password reset process. Many users faced difficulties receiving the password reset email or accessing the provided link.

Unnecessary User Management

Program Directors spent considerable time manually removing unnecessary users, particularly preceptors who were no longer associated with their programs. The lack of bulk removal features led to inefficiencies in user management, impacting overall program effectiveness and user experience.


To address these challenges, Closeloop proposed comprehensive solutions tailored to the specific needs of PharmAcademic users.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA):

  • Implementation of 2FA via PAN (Password Authentication Number) for PharmAcademic access.
  • Users have the option to request password reset codes via PAN, enhancing security and convenience.
  • Integration of Twilio SMS service for sending reset codes via text messages to users' PAN.

Automated User Removal Process:

  • Identification and removal of preceptors associated with completed programs.
  • A streamlined process for removing preceptors who have left their programs but still have outstanding surveys or evaluations.
  • Equal treatment of all preceptors within PharmAcademic while providing additional guidance as needed.


The implementation of these solutions has yielded significant improvements across multiple fronts. 

Reduction in Support Tickets

  • Implementation of 2FA and the automated user removal process led to a significant decrease (approximately 65%) in daily support tickets related to password resets.

Enhanced Program Management

  • The automated removal of unnecessary users empowered Residency Program Directors to manage programs more effectively, saving time and improving overall program efficiency.

Improved User Experience

  • The streamlined password recovery process allowed residents to access their accounts more easily while ensuring added security during the password reset process.

Overall, these results demonstrate the effectiveness of our solutions in addressing the identified challenges and improving the functionality of PharmAcademic for all stakeholders involved.

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