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Leverage Laravel, the most popular PHP framework, to build scalable, secure, and advanced web and mobile solutions.

Closeloop pioneers Laravel development, harnessing its inherent flexibility and efficiency to craft innovative digital solutions tailored to your unique business needs. Our seasoned developers use Laravel's component-based architecture and composer-driven approach to deliver scalable, maintainable, and feature-rich applications. From e-commerce platforms to enterprise-level CRM systems, our solutions are engineered to drive conversions and streamline operations seamlessly.


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Our Laravel Development Services

Custom Laravel Development

Are you seeking the pinnacle of enterprise application development? Our expert team specializes in Laravel Livewire and PHP services, delivering highly customized, feature-rich solutions. From elevated UI/UX design to seamless backend integration, we ensure your web application exceeds expectations.

Laravel API Development

Seamlessly integrate your app across platforms with custom APIs. We focus on crafting APIs that optimize data exchange, ensure security, and enhance performance. From establishing secure access routes to maintaining data integrity, our solutions are meticulously designed to meet your application's specific needs.

Laravel Enterprise Applications

Experience the pinnacle of enterprise excellence with our Laravel-powered applications. From top-notch security protocols to seamless traffic handling, our solutions are engineered to tackle the most demanding workloads with ease. Partner with us to drive your enterprise forward with confidence.

Laravel eCommerce Development

Concerned about customer data security? Build your eCommerce store with robust payment gateways and interactive designs. From seamless payment processing to intuitive inventory management, our experienced developers leverage Laravel's versatile features to create flexible eCommerce packages that streamline web store management and drive business growth.

Laravel CRM Development

Leverage Laravel's modular architecture and pre-built components for high-performing, secure systems that adapt to your evolving needs. From streamlined data collection to comprehensive customer interaction management, our CRM solutions empower businesses to optimize their sales channels and deliver exceptional customer service.

Migration and Upgradation

Are you missing out on critical PHP updates? Experience seamless migration and empower your app with real-time performance enhancements. Whether you're transitioning to the latest Laravel version, converting code, or moving from monolithic to microservices, we handle the process with care, preserving data integrity and ensuring optimal performance.

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Increase in Placements


Decrease in scheduling time

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McCreadie Vestigo

Clinical Research Software

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UTR Sports

Web Platform & Mobile App Development



Increase in user registration efficiency


Improvement in customer satisfaction

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Data Analytics Software



Reduction in onboarding time


Increase in client interest

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Our Methodology

Streamlined Laravel Development Process


Share your application development requirement with our Laravel experts - who after careful analysis will suggest a blueprint.


Once we have an approved blueprint, our developers start working on the application.

QA and Testing

Once the application is ready, we send it to our QA experts who check it thoroughly for any errors or bugs.


As soon as the application is approved by QA, it is ready to launch. We also offer maintenance and support.

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Laravel is an open-source PHP web application development framework. It uses an MVC design architecture and can reuse the existing components of various frameworks to speed up the entire application development process.

Laravel offers incredible web application development features that make it quite popular among web developers. Some popular features include MVC architecture, object-oriented libraries, an in-built tool for the command line, easy database migration, a responsible interface, and high security.

Typically, Laravel development is faster than regular PHP development due to its array of pre-built tools and streamlined syntax and structure. This efficiency significantly reduces time spent on repetitive tasks, enabling a quicker time to market and delivering a superior return on investment.

Absolutely. Laravel is adept at managing applications with heavy loads. With its array of caching options and performance optimization tools, it ensures efficient data handling and responsiveness.

Yes. We offer custom Laravel web application development services. If you have any idea for your next business application and want an exclusive design for it - simply contact our experts today.