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We develop almost every type of finance app, whether it is related to insurance, banking, investment, cryptocurrency, or digital wallet.

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Creating Rich Finance Apps for Revolutionary Customer Experience & Fast Growth

Banking and finance apps have brought the transactions & trading options to the fingertips of customers. If you are looking to develop a mobile app for your finance business, ensuring the security of customers, their data, while enabling a rich customer experience then get connected to one of our associates for expert advice and guidance.

As a leading finance application development company, we cater to distinct financial sectors, including banks, investment firms, cryptocurrency apps, or any other financial organizations. We develop fintech applications that bring mobile banking and other features well within reach of your customers.

We have a team of dedicated & experienced banking and financial app developers who understand your requirements, along with what users expect from your application. Skilled in modern technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI), we build and deploy top-notch, secure, and agile fintech solutions.

Key Features - For Service Providers

Credit Calculator

Allow your customers to quickly calculate the monthly payments by entering the total amount of loans or finances.

- EMI calculation
- Interest calculation

Currency Exchange

Make it effortless to exchange one currency for another online with a robust fintech app. No need to visit banks or credit unions.

- Foreign exchange
- Handy secure transactions

Push Notifications

Send personalized notifications to app users to notify them about the latest offers, discounts, and more to keep them engaged.

- Convey messages
- Notify about promos

Intuitive Dashboard

While building a fintech app, our developers create a user-friendly dashboard & UI/UX to retain customers & enhance user engagement.

- Real-time analytics
- Timesaving efficiency

Two-Factor Authentication

Security is the most crucial part of finance apps. As a leading fintech app development company, we ensure to add a two-factor authentication feature.

- Stronger security
- Reduce fraudulent activities

Multiple Payment Gateways

Improve international sales with the integration of multiple payment gateways, while offering the users their preferred mode of payments.

- Easy & secure integration
- Fast processing

Key Features - For Customer

QR/Barcode Scanner Integration

Apps with barcode/QR code scanners can make the payment game easier for the users. It helps the users to make payments on the go without hassle.

Offline Mode

Not all finance/banking apps come with this feature, hence, integrating such a functionality in your finance app can help you stand out from the crowd.

Online Passbook

Transaction Summary and history of payments done in the past help users to validate their purchases and keep track of the money spent.

Investment Analysis and Reports

Empower your apps with data analytics so users can make wise decisions based on their investment choices and monthly/quarterly/annual reporting.

Personalized Offers

Based on the user behavior and past habits, offer your users personalized offers and not some random discounts which are bound to be ignored.

Notifications and Alerts

Provide users with important updates even when they are not using the app, this can be identity alerts, fraud warnings, suspicious login attempts, etc.

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Why Choose Closeloop for Fintech App Solutions?

Developers at Closeloop have several years of experience in mobile app development, with dedicated resources holding expertise in finance app development services.

Top fintech app development company trusted by leading startups and businesses in the finance industry.

We believe in maintaining complete transparency and integrity. During the entire development process, we keep you updated about the status and lifecycle. Based on your feedback, the modifications are done timely.

- Build apps following the quality, security, and encryption policies and standards
- Development and integration of required APIs
- Providing support and maintenance post app development

Furthermore, our financial mobile app development solutions are cost-effective with no hidden charges involved. The team of fintech app developers at Closeloop works on development within the estimated budget.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Related to Building a Fintech App

We have answered all your common questions below. In case you need more details, feel free to email us at

For app development, a combination of front-end and back-end coding languages is used. At Closeloop, we work on Java, Kotlin, NodeJS, Python, and .NET. These are some of the best programming languages for fintech apps as well.

The cost of development varies according to the type of finance app, such as mobile banking, cryptocurrency, stock trading, etc. The other factors on which the cost depends include app complexity, tech stack chosen, OS (Android/iOS or both), and experience of app developers.

When you share your project requirements with us, we consider all the points and share an estimated time needed to complete the development process. There is no ideal time that we can commit because the requirements, features, functionalities, etc. play a major role in deciding how much time will actually be needed.

We prioritize security for all types of applications developed by us. When it comes to building finance and banking apps, our developers ensure to use secure code, follow the international security standards, remove bugs, as well as integrate user-end features like two-factor authentication, etc.

Yes. We have separate teams of Android and iPhone developers who develop enticing financial and banking applications.


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