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Our experts offer expertise and knowledge to create scalable architectures in EdTech, using modern technologies such as web, mobile, databases, and cloud.

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Digital Learning Software Development to Optimize Learning Processes

Personalized management systems allow you to track the impact of learning on essential KPIs such as engagement, retention, and skills. Digital learning software tailored to your needs will enable you to compare training goals with organizational performance, scale learning operations, and organize internal and external learning activities for different audiences. Using educational institutions' latest technologies and trends, empower your customers to have an exceptional learning experience. Closeloop's e-learning solution will reduce risks, increase cost efficiency and improve user satisfaction. We provide the best custom e-learning solutions in the industry, backed by our five years of EdTech experience. Select the best provider of eLearning Development Services today!

Digital Learning Software Services

Educational Portals

e-Learning platforms and authoring tools with an intuitive UI/UX for easy content management, learner administration, performance tracking.

LMS Development

Online learning solutions allow educators and students to manage content, schedule, messages, and track progress.

Web And Mobile e-Learning Apps

We develop eLearning apps for mobile iOS, Android, or cross-platform needs with rich functionality and responsive UIs.

Corporate Training Systems

EdTech software for employee training and product training that addresses recruitment and learning, performance management, and reward management.

e-Learning Management Software

Student information systems and portals for teachers, parents, and students to keep simple records, enroll learners, and manage applications, attendance tracking, and document management.


We develop test solutions and quiz apps using custom e-learning to allow teachers to create tests and quizzes, randomize and grade questions, and develop scoring systems.

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Advanced Tech for Digital Learning Solutions

Smart Devices

Internet of Things continues to transform many industries, including education. IoT mainly focuses on expanding the learning environment, experience, and compliance, ensuring accessibility for all users in the eLearning process.

Predictive Learning Analytics

Predicting outcomes is useful for LMS, training programs, and eLearning apps, particularly those allowing self-education. This enables you to analyze the effectiveness of the program and the individual student, providing constant improvement opportunities.

Cloud Services

Learning management systems are resource-intensive, and creating an educational solution that uses the cloud is better. Cloud-based solutions offer advanced access, scalability, security, and velocity.

Virtual Reality

VR technology can enhance corporate training, resulting in better user engagement and higher results. As fascinating as eLearning processes, interactive courses have proven more efficient than boring "listen, take notes, and repeat."

Extended Reality

Extended Reality, in which the real and virtual worlds are blended, allows students to expand their technical expertise while practicing new skills safely. Custom eLearning solutions go beyond mobile apps and automated administrative processes.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Virtual tours are an excellent addition to learning content in online training software. They increase user satisfaction and engagement. As with VR and IoT, you'll need to hire a company that develops e-learning software and cares for hardware.

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Cosmetic Regulatory Software



Reduction in IT costs


Faster Disaster Recovery

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How do we Proceed with eLearning Software Development?

Signing the NDA

First, we sign a non-disclosure contract to protect confidential information about your business.

Call with a Team Lead

The next step is to arrange a meeting. This will allow us to understand your business idea better and gather all the necessary details to create a cost estimate.

Interviews with Team

Here you will meet the members of the team who will deliver your product so that there are no unpleasant surprises.

Streamlined Kick-Off

The team can start work on the agreed date when everything is in order.


Digital Learning Software Development FAQs Answered

Get answers to some of the most common queries related to EdTech software development. In case you still have any further queries, feel free to contact us as

Closeloop is an eLearning software development expert offering our client base innovative and engaging online learning platforms. We combine cutting-edge technology with instructional design expertise to produce customized solutions tailored to individual educational requirements.

Closeloop provides an array of eLearning platforms for educators and learners in various domains. We develop LMSs, Virtual Classrooms, Online Training Portals, and Interactive Courseware solutions with scalable solutions for educators and learners across industries and domains.

At Closeloop, our eLearning solutions prioritize interactivity and engagement by including multimedia elements, gamification techniques, interactive assessments, and collaborative tools in our solution offerings for immersive learning experiences that captivate students while increasing knowledge retention.

Closeloop integrates third-party tools, content libraries, APIs, and external resources to add depth to any eLearning platform. From video conferencing and e-commerce functions to content repositories external to our service offering - our integration specialists guarantee flawless integration for a robust learning environment.

At Closeloop, data security is of utmost importance. To safeguard it, we employ stringent measures, including encryption, user authentication, and role-based access control - not forgetting compliance with data protection regulations - while always upholding privacy for learners' data and privacy protection standards on our platforms.


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