ServiceNow vs Salesforce A Comparison of Two Powerhouse Platforms

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Customer experience has become a deciding factor in today's technology-driven world. However, the term "experience" does not just refer to customer service. It also includes the entire customer lifecycle.

Salesforce and ServiceNow are two cloud-based customer service engines that can be used to meet these needs. Both offer a variety of service levels - some similar, some different.

In a world driven by technology, success for any organization depends on the customer experience. We don't just mean the service provided to customers but also their entire lifecycle.

We also shifted from traditional phone support to cloud-based modern tools. They let us improve our performance instead of simply communicating with customers.

We have two major   that can satisfy the needs of all our customers. Salesforce and ServiceNow are the two most popular customer engagement platforms.

We'll discuss the differences between ServiceNow Vs. Salesforce, their respective key features, and how they differ. Let's examine the differences between ServiceNow and Salesforce, two CRM systems.

Salesforce vs. ServiceNow at a Glance

Salesforce is a CRM that has service-specific features. It is a standard CRM with service-specific capabilities. It is the more flexible of the two, offering a variety of cloud-based business offerings.

ServiceNow is an ITSM with some features in common with a CRM. It is similar to CRM but could be more efficient. It's the industry standard to manage back-end IT workflows.

Customer Relations Management

  • Salesforce has many tools to help sales, marketing, and service teams generate leads and turn them into customers.

  • ServiceNow, an ITSM tool, is intended to provide fewer tools to nurture leads and convert customers. However, it has some crossover applications that are similar to CRM.

IT Service Management

  • Although Salesforce was not designed to manage internal IT infrastructure, it has powerful tools that help agents keep track of service requests and issues.

  • ServiceNow provides IT teams with all the resources needed to manage their internal infrastructure, handle field service requests, and provide IT services for customers.

Automation with AI

  • Salesforce is a powerful AI tool that offers a variety of automation tools to streamline workflows for multiple teams.

  • ServiceNow AI has a much smaller scope than Salesforce, as it needs more sophisticated generative abilities. However, it still offers a lot of AI and automation functionality specific to IT workflows.

Issue Resolution

  • Salesforce Service Cloud is a powerful add-on to Salesforce, which extends its utility for service agents by providing them with useful tools for issue resolution.

  • As an ITSM solution, ServiceNow offers rich functionality to resolve issues for B2B and B2C use cases and internal use.

App Building

  • Lightning app Builder by Salesforce is a platform that allows users to create customer apps and apps that integrate internal workflows.

  • ServiceNow’s app engine studio gives IT teams an easy-to-use widget-based module to create mobile and desktop applications for internal and external usage.


  • The Suite of Salesforce Cloud Products can be used for various purposes but is not useful in managing back-end IT.

  • Although ServiceNow has a wider array of tools available for employees and clients, its use case is more limited than Salesforce.


  • Over 2,500 integrations - Salesforce

  • Integrations for 900+ devices - ServiceNow

What is ServiceNow?

ServiceNow is a tool for IT Service Management that automates and consolidates legacy systems, fragmented tools, and other IT services.

ServiceNow provides a better experience to employees, customers, and users by offering different IT, HR, and customer service services. It also includes security, software development, and other areas. It is based on "easy configuration and fast deployment."

This tool can be easily integrated with other tools.

ServiceNow automates enterprise IT operations through a single record system for all IT activities. This system consolidates IT design, migration, and processes on a simple, powerful cloud platform.

Explore the types of services and products that ServiceNow offers for enterprises.

IT Service Management

IT Service Management Solutions are easy to configure and deploy quickly. They can also be scaled to meet business requirements. ITSM solutions are:

  • Problem Management

  • Change Management and Release Management

  • Incident Management

  • Benchmarks

  • Performance Analysis

  • Asset and Cost Management

  • Survey and Assessment

  • Configuration Management

  • Agent Intelligence

  • Reports and Dashboards

  • Request Management (includes portal, catalog, and catalog)

  • Knowledge Management

  • Service Level Management.

IT Operations Management

ITOM solutions transform IT operations from being a reactive response into a proactive business partner. Understanding the relationship between the IT resources and the end-to-end services provides visibility into the business.

It automates IT processes and remediation, which increases agility. Providing cloud users with enterprise-ready self-service capabilities keeps services healthy while engaging in a multi-cloud strategy. The available solutions include:

  • Event Management

  • Cloud Management

  • Service Mapping

  • Discovery

  • Orchestration

  • Operational Intelligence.

IT Business Management

ITBM solutions give visibility to project and application portfolios. Financial insight helps them decide where to invest to support organizational goals. The available solutions include:

  • Demand Management

  • Financial Planning

  • Application Portfolio Management

  • Financial Charging

  • Test Management

  • Financial Modeling

  • Agile Development

  • Project Portfolio Management

  • Resource Management.


ServiceNow Security is built around intelligent workflows. Security orchestration, automation, and response engines connect your security solution to prioritize incidents according to potential impact. These solutions are based on intelligent workflows. The following solutions are available:

  • Security Incident Response

  • Performance Analysis for Security Operations

  • Vulnerability Response

  • Trusted security circles

  • Configuration Compliance

  • Security Orchestrations

  • Security Event Management

  • Threat Intelligence.

Customer Services

ServiceNow allows customer service to communicate with other departments identify and resolve issues faster. It increases customer satisfaction and reduces costs. There are several solutions available.

  • Field Service Management

  • Intelligent Routing

  • Connect with other groups

  • Case Management

  • Issue Resolution

  • Agent Intelligence

  • Performance Analysis

  • Visual Workflow Automation

  • Omni Channel

  • Voice of the customer

HR service delivery

ServiceNow is an integrated suite of applications that provides a service experience similar to that of a consumer. All employees can access all services in one place, be it simple information or a complex process such as onboarding. Solutions include:

  • Employee Service Center

  • Case and Knowledge Management

  • Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions.


ServiceNow offers a platform that automates all business processes. The Now Platform supports ServiceNow solutions with a single data model.

The deployment environment is very easy to use. It allows business users to create low-code solutions. At the same time, developers can take advantage of its innovative rapid development capabilities and build apps for the Now platform.

Application Deployment

All ServiceNow apps are built using the Now Platform. The Now Platform allows developers at all levels to increase productivity and reduce time-to-market by using the platform.

Nonstop Cloud

ServiceNow Cloud provides a multi-instance cloud infrastructure that allows each customer to have a unique database and application design.

The data of a customer is separated from the data of other customers. All instances are on. They will never be taken offline for any reason. It's highly scalable and secure.

What do Experts Have to Say About ServiceNow?

Gartner Magic Quadrant has ranked ServiceNow as the leader in ITSM for the past eight years.

Forrester has consistently ranked ServiceNow as a leading ITSM solution because of its ITSM capabilities, including asset and configuration management. It also offers various business services modules, like HR and Facilities, and robust Platform as a Service capability.

On the other hand, Forrester stated that for the organization to be successful, it needs more talented developers and raised concerns over the cost of deploying ServiceNow.

ServiceNow Pricing Model

A subscription license is available in a SaaS deployment hosted on ServiceNow's cloud. All of this is possible with "contact us." We need help finding Pricing Models on the website.

Analysts often focus on the complicated license and high cost of the platform.

Features and Benefits of ServiceNow

ServiceNow has many features that will help you manage, allocate, and prioritize your resources within your organization. Here are some of ServiceNow's top features.

Program Testing

It is used to improve the functionality and reduce the new applications' risks. This also allows for removing separate test files, an essential requirement. It also increases the number of rollbacks.


Several tests are conducted to reflect the user's activities. The form is used as an initializer. The form is then sent to be authenticated. After the field values have been authenticated, the form is submitted. A server-side scripting program can help you perform complex JavaScript operations.

No integration

It is a standalone tool that is an integral part of the system. It isn't just a collection of platforms. It also maintains several integration's which work with browsers and mobile versions. This means that all applications manufactured by Service Now are thoroughly tested and are ready to be rolled out without any bugs or glitches.

IT Service Management

AI-powered ServiceNow IT Service Management modules can help you monitor and fix IT issues. The more AI-enabled products are used on the business network, the better the solutions can detect errors.

Intelligence and Analytics

ServiceNow allows IT teams to create bar reports, tables in tabular format, and pivot tables using the Natural Language Query prompt. This module performs predictive analysis, which predicts the outcome of a particular result using machine learning and statistical algorithms.

Change Advisory Board Workbench

Once configured, the Change Advisory Board Workbench uses an automated workflow to create all of the components for a CAB Meeting. The CAB definition includes attendees, the calendar schedule, any changes to the calendar, meeting notes, and the status of change requests.

Customer Relationship Management

The revised Customer Service Portal includes Account and Contact Management, Warranty, and Contract Management. Asset Management and Knowledge Management are also included.

Tools like anonymous chats and registrations in ServiceNow CRM, geared towards B2C businesses such as B2C businesses or B2C consumers, are essential. To access the Consumer Service Portal, you must activate the plugin.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a CRM platform that allows businesses to track interactions with clients, customers, and potential buyers. Platform features include sales, marketing, and customer service.


Salesforce's sales module is designed to streamline the sales process for businesses. Salespeople can keep track of all leads, accounts, and opportunities in real time and view their interactions with clients in one place. The sales module allows businesses to automate sales processes and reduce data entry by hand. It also helps them learn more about sales.


The Salesforce service module is designed to help companies handle service and support requests. The service module gives businesses a centralized overview of all customer interactions, allowing them to automate processes, track requests, and manage cases in real time. Companies can quickly handle customer service requests and make customers happier with the service module.


Salesforce's marketing module is designed to assist companies in creating and running marketing campaigns. The marketing module gives companies the tools to divide customer data into groups, create and send emails, and track their campaigns' performance. The marketing module allows businesses to improve their marketing efforts and increase their return on investment.

The Salesforce Platform has various features to help companies manage their relationships with clients, customers, and potential buyers. Businesses can automate sales, marketing, and service processes by adopting Salesforce consulting services. They can streamline their operations and make customers happier.


  • Digital Commerce Cloud - This solution engages customers with AI-powered, personalized, and innovative commerce solutions across web, mobile, and social media.

  • Commerce Cloud Order Management By providing real-time visibility of inventory, allocation logic, and order lifecycle across all channels and a "buy anywhere, service anywhere" experience, this technology allows customers to buy, service, and fulfill orders from any channel.


  • Salesforce Platform- Salesforce Platform provides a one-stop-shop for building, managing, operating, and optimizing applications using the same technology. This is one of the major factors in Salesforce's success.

  • Lightning allows you to create social and mobile applications using code or click.

  • Heroku Enterprise- Heroku Enterprise is an open-source language cloud application integrated with Salesforce data. It supports various languages, including Ruby, Python, Java, Scala, and Node.js.


  • Salesforce Sales Analytics - Salesforce Sales Analytics can provide pipeline visibility, revealing growth opportunities. Einstein Discovery is used to uncover hidden insights and provide a smart recommendation that makes sales faster and more intelligent.

  • Service Analysis - This tool provides deep insights into the team's performance. These insights can be translated into actions that improve the customer experience.

The products listed above are just a few of the hand-picked ones. The list is lengthy. Salesforce is a top CRM platform in the world because of these services.

Pricing Model for Salesforce

It is easy to determine the price of Salesforce using the model.

  • Sales functionality for SMBs starts at $25 per month per user.

  • A general model is affordable for basic functionality, but rates increase with new features and modules. It is hard to predict how this will work in practice.

Dig deep into Salesforce pricing and see how it affects your company best.

Features and Benefits of Salesforce

Salesforce's popularity and position as the leader in international business are largely due to certain features. Before making the best choice for your business, you should be familiar with each feature.

Here are some of the Salesforce features.

Lead management

Salesforce's most important feature is its activity timeline. Salesforce services module lets you control every update activity of your contacts while adhering to best industry practices. It uses the sales paths of the documents to understand better.


Trailhead's Salesforce integration offers startups and small businesses many benefits and features. Trailhead offers its customers amazing services with intelligence support built in. It provides an end-to-end customer view, capturing data from email, calendars, and support channels.

Opportunity Management

Salesforce allows you to manage each sales deal and communicate with prospects. It also has a set of steps that guide you through each deal and tell you what to do to win.


Salesforce Mobile App allows you to access your CRM data anywhere. You can view all the details, including events, meetings, account updates, and more. You can also view offline data updates even if you don't have an internet connection.

Cash Quote

Salesforce CRM simplifies Quote Management by automating Configure, Price, and Quote (CPQ). CPQ allows sales teams to select the best customer quote based on recent discounts.

Salesforce CRM enables users to generate accurate quotes and submit proposals faster. Salesforce Lightning simplifies the process of receiving money and sending invoices.

ServiceNow Vs Salesforce: Which is the Best?

We will discuss the pros and cons of Salesforce Vs ServiceNow.

ServiceNow is less comprehensive and flexible than Salesforce.

Here are the pros and cons of Salesforce vs ServiceNow.

Benefits of Salesforce

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps businesses create and execute effective marketing campaigns.

  • Salesforce has many apps and tools that can be customized to fit the business's needs.

  • The Salesforce cloud is an excellent choice for all companies because it's scalable, reliable, and secure.

Cons to Salesforce

  • It can be difficult for small businesses to use the platform if they don't have a lot of IT support.

  • Salesforce can be expensive for small businesses.


  • ServiceNow's simple interface makes it easy to use for those who don't have a digital background.

  • ServiceNow includes several apps that are ready to use.

The Cons of ServiceNow

  • ServiceNow has fewer marketing tools than Salesforce.

  • ServiceNow could be more flexible, and getting it to work for your business is hard.

Overall, Salesforce offers a more flexible, more comprehensive solution with robust marketing capabilities. ServiceNow may be a good option for small businesses with limited IT resources. Still, it's not as flexible or robust as Salesforce.

The Key Takeaway

It's like choosing between a Swiss knife and a magic wand from a toolkit. It becomes more difficult because both systems are effective and have attainable goals. ServiceNow will help your business optimize IT operations and streamline processes.

Salesforce is the right choice for your business to boost sales and improve customer relations. The real question isn't who is the best but who is the best for your business. To be in control, you should work with a Salesforce company. You can customize it to meet your specific business needs.

Our ServiceNow and Salesforce implementation will ensure that companies have a seamless experience. Contact us today with any questions you may have or if you need additional information about our Salesforce and ServiceNow integration.


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