UI/UX Creation – One of The Most Important Development Parts You May Want to Outsource

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Have you ever considered hiring a UI/UX design agency? If not, this blog will tell you all the benefits of hiring one.

UI/UX design is crucial for online user experience and consumer loyalty. However, do you know that 88% of eCommerce customers never return to the same website again?

Poor usability experience is a significant factor contributing to low customer retention among online shopping websites. Bad navigation and slow loading time are other important reasons that contribute to a high bounce rate.

And not just eCommerce, UI/UX design more or less drives online behavior.

  • People are nearly 300 times more likely to climb Mt. Everest than click on poorly designed banner ads.
  • 7 in 10 internet users judge a landing page or website purely on how it looks and feels.
  • 9 in 10 users leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load
  • 80% of the online audience doesn't use a business website if it is not mobile-friendly.

Are you facing similar challenges with your application or website's UI/UX? Hiring a creative design agency could help you overcome these challenges and boost your online revenue.

The why and how of outsourcing UI/UX design

UI/UX design is frequently outsourced by businesses, even large ones. Any online business can gain a competitive advantage by providing a fantastic customer experience. So, for the majority, getting UI/UX correctly is of utmost importance. (Only 50% of websites don't perform UI/UX tests.)

However, UI/UX is more than just having a fantastic website or application. Making things simpler for the consumer to achieve their goals is what it's all about, and doing that is a very sophisticated activity with a whole industry devoted to it.

Let's look at the primary benefits of outsourcing UI/UX Creation.

Benefits of outsourcing UI/UX to creative design agency

  1. Saves money

  2. Creating UX/UI internally involves a ton of labor. You must appoint teams, oversee payroll, encourage collaborations, and monitor the project daily. This may take time away from your business, especially if you are handling product development for the first time.

    Outsourcing takes away all the above load off your shoulders. You will have more time to focus on business and save money.

  3. Access to a super talent pool

  4. Every UI/UX design process has multiple moving parts. Perhaps your team excels at some fundamental design aspects while failing to impact the more complex and critical aspects significantly.

    By outsourcing UI/UX to a creative design agency, your team is free to concentrate on their areas of strength while counting on the outside team to deliver on the remainder. In UI/UX outsourcing, any level of collaboration and knowledge transfer is possible. Whether your team might need assistance at the ideation stage or the validation step, the outsourced team has the knowledge and tools necessary to meet the precise project requirements.

  5. Truckload of experience

  6. Good designers are digital artists, and they are a scarce breed. It takes years of experience and hard work to understand what works and what doesn't. A UI/UX design agency has only the best talent and a proven track record.

    Outsourcing your UI/UX needs to such an agency gives you single-point access to talented artists with a wide range of knowledge and experience. They also stay abreast of emerging trends and technology because they engage with diverse clients. Thanks to them, you will get an immediate headstart while enjoying a clear edge over your immediate competitors.

  7. Impartial insights about your product

  8. In-house employees and staff tend to be the "YES" man, whether willingly or unwillingly. But that's highly undesirable when you design a website, application, or landing page. Outsourcing empowers you with a pair of impartial eyes.

    A creative design agency would not flinch from calling a spade a spade. In simpler terms, the conversations and discussions about the design and project roadmap would benefit from an impartial and experienced voice. They can always draw from their wealth of experience to identify the loopholes, suggest necessary course corrections, and keep the overall development always aligned with your end goals and expectations.

  9. The creative mindset

  10. The end-user, their needs, and wants are the main focus of UI/UX, which calls for a creative mentality. It will be challenging to complete if you don't already have this inside your local team. However, outsourcing offers the innovative link you need to get the most significant outcomes.

  11. Partnering up Is the trend

  12. Outsourcing is more about having access to top-notch talent that you might not have in-house, not about admitting you can't do something. Given the current state of affairs, technology and consumer preferences are constantly evolving. You must follow trends if you want to stay current, or you run the risk of being obsolete. Always leading from a position of power is the best course of action, and outsourcing gives you that ability.

  13. Faster time to market

  14. The project can be launched more quickly by outsourcing UI/UX design to a creative design agency. The design cycle will be further shortened by integrating an internal and outsourced team. Outsourcing reduces the project development cycle by nearly one-third compared to 100% inhouse-development.

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How to hire a creative design agency?

OK, by now, we are sure you are well versed with the benefits of outsourcing UI/UX creation. But what are the things to look for in a UI/UX design agency? And how do you hand-pick the best one for you? Here's everything you need to know.

Be prepared for collaborations

Great UI/UX is always a collaborative effort. Even if you outsource the entire work, be prepared to give your time and input at all critical stages of the design process.

Agencies need your dedication to seeing projects through and a reasonable budget. It would be best if you also were prepared to share important data.

Let's say you are planning a complete website redesign. In such a scenario, sharing data on bounce rate, repeat customers, heat maps, etc., will be incredibly beneficial for the agency. Hiring independent freelancers can be a better option if you're not prepared for that degree of dedication and trust.

Share detailed RFPs

The quality of work will improve depending on the information you share about the project's scope. Agencies are always willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), so don't be reluctant. A reputable creative agency will always prefer a long-term work partnership over a single one-off project. Hence, they will expect clear communication.

RFPs should be detailed rather than well-written. Never claim, "I have a limitless budget, and I need to launch a landing page campaign." Make it clear: "I need to drive X dollars. Landing page campaigns are what I want you to manage, but I will set budgets initially. I already have a few creatives designed. You can use them for reference to redesign the landing page."

Get hold of their previous work

Most agencies are willing to share their portfolio. Going through it will give you a good understanding of their quality of work and design language. If you find an agency's work to be either overly daring or too dull, move on.

Pick a company that suits your budget, offers the expertise required, can handle more significant tasks and produces similar work. Consider pre-qualifying an agency by adding a small sample test. Judge them based on how passionate they were about the test, their communication, and how aligned the sample design was with your expectation.

Leave no room for guesswork or discrepancies

Communication is essential for any design process. Even if you outsource, you must communicate with the team weekly. When you're discussing a possible project, a creative design agency should be able to introduce you to the leads, if not the entire team. Spend time with them. Make sure you will get along well and communicate efficiently.

Instead of speaking on the phone when interviewing the agency, arrange a video meeting using a tool like Google Hangouts or Skype or Zoom. It will help you understand each other better and effectively evaluate how passionate or interested the agency is in the project. Ensuring you are on the same page from day one guarantees no discrepancies or undesirable friction during the UX/UI design process.

Don't let distance affect your choice either

Many times, website or application owners prefer local agencies over offshore agencies. While this is not a bad practice, considering the costs and quality of work at your disposal, it is not a wise decision. For instance, a creative design agency in India will charge far less for the same quality of work than a company based in California. Factors such as labor costs, taxes, etc., significantly affect how costly your UI UX design could be. So please do not put off an agency simply because it is located in some remote location. More often than not, you will end up saving a ton of money.


We understand that processing all of the information can be daunting. To help you out, here are a few indicators to pay attention to if you're still unsure whether to hire a creative design agency.

  • Expansion: You know it's time to boost online brand and revenue
  • Clarity: You don't know how to clearly and quickly get the audience hooked to your website or application
  • Expertise: You lack the specialized skill sets and experience in-house to outrank and outpace your online competitors.

If you are facing any of the above challenges, Closeloop can help. We are a leading software solution agency that helps build UI/UX that drives traffic, leads, and business revenue. Let us know what you want, and we will turn your ideas into an impressive design. Talk to our expert now!


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