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Determining the successful user data interactions and conversations is significant in revamping your website for optimal growth.

Can you put your business growth in standby mode? No chance. Then how can you keep your website stagnant and not invest in constant change. Continuing with the same content for too long on your website will make your online presence out-of-date, lower search ranking on search engines, drill down the motivation of your readers, and begin to lose engagement. Eventually, the effectiveness of your digital transformation will reduce to minimal.

It should go without saying that you need to keep updating technology advancements like you keep upgrading your Antivirus to keep your system safe from cyber infections. As per the business-specific requirements, you should expect to redesign it every 18 to 24 months.

Yes, you read that correctly: every 18 to 24 months, as it is well said by Winston Churchill, "To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often."

Companies misunderstand the redesign concept by updating the look and feel of their site. Indeed, enhancing the user interface is crucial, but a growth-driven design and intelligent functionalities will ensure a successful redesign.

For an in-depth understanding, experts determine the different types of redesigning methods.

#  Redecoration: The process involves updating and rebranding the front-end content of your website. It requires less effort and is a cost-effective solution for revamping the look and feel of your website.

#  Rewire: Contrary to redecoration, rewiring involves enhancing the back-end functionalities of your website. Here, you can rewrite program content and work on system components without disturbing the user interface. Therefore, industry experts can perform this job and be more pricey than redecorations.

#  Remodel: This combination adds visual and server-side updates to your websites. Remodeling is a time taking and resource-intensive model as this strategy covers changes in both design and programming. Hence, it can prove more costly than the types mentioned earlier.

Rebuild: If you're planning to update the basic technology and features, it's a wise decision to adopt the Rebuild model. This model works best to renovate the website with new functions, content, and colors. But make sure that your pocket can afford the costliest redesign option. 

There is always a reason to let down old-fashioned websites and rebuild them into trending ones.

Revamping a website is a big decision considering all the measures of redesigning like reasons, process, cost, and benefits before stepping forward. It can be due to slow-performing websites, low user engagement, or relatively low growth charts. Here, we better understand the causes before calculating the website redesign cost.

Significantly, the four reasons that drive you to redesign a website are:

Higher bounce rate

Bounce rate refers to when visitors visit your website but exit it pretty quickly without a single response or click on the site.


  • Boost the buffering speed of pages.
  • Create an eye-catching interface with precise content.

Low conversion rate

This arises when there is a lack of communication through the website's content, images, and layout.


  • Offer delights to the engaging customers, in essence, change marketing strategies.
  • Find the loop pole in the front-end design.

No conversion 

Customers read the content and see the offerings but exit the page without responding to action buttons like buying products or services, filling in contact details, and reaching for directions to visit the office.


  • Find the 'exit page' of the website by most of the customers. Study it and make necessary changes.
  • Understand customer needs and act accordingly.

Slow performance

Bad experience of slow loading pages, leisurely gateways, and no response on queries impacts the site's performance.


  • Rebuild the back-end functionalities.
  • Focus on building a robust CMS.

This will help you decide the requisite course of action and make you aware of the website redesign cost. While implementing these rules, the average website redesign cost will stay in check and increase impressions.

Here are six things you need to know when considering and going through a website redesign procedure.

  1. What pages bring high engagement to your website?
  2. What is your target audience, who is precisely coming to your website, and why?
  3. Reasons that trigger or let down your visitors.
  4. What are the after-effects of redesigning a website for your company, employees, and customers?
  5. How do evaluate the successful elements?
  6. What to change and how to assess it?

1. What pages bring high engagement to your website?

The best way to create a redesigning model is to dig out the most valuable pages of your website that bring engagement.

2. What is your target audience, which is precisely coming to your website, and why?

Identifying the most visited pages of a website is the essential step before redesigning. It is good to know the successful pages of the website, but it is better to know who all the visitors are their frequency, and their reasons to see more.

A report by Google identified four primary intent types that bring people to the website:

'I want to know.' - In this type, customers eagerly want to know something about your company or your offerings.

'I want to go.' - In this type, customers are trying to approach you by contacting you and reaching the physical location of your company.

'I want to do.' - In this type, consumers are trying to figure out what they can do with your products or services offered on the website. 

'I want to buy.' - In this type, the conversion will probably happen when consumers are ready to buy something from your website.

These are different reasons for visiting a website, and creating it by knowing your consumers' mindset necessitates the intent or 'driver' that brings them to the website. 

3. Reasons that trigger or let down your visitors.

When you start calculating the cost of a website makeover, you must know the pages that get enough visitors and contribute to overall growth. It is best to examine what convinces clients to conversion and what stops them along the path before moving ahead.

4. What are the after-effects of redesigning a website on the team, and how to involve them?

Teamwork brings out the best possible cost-effective design strategies. Calling a cross-functional team to participate will help you get buy-in and support throughout the redesigning process and estimating costs.

5. How to evaluate the successful elements?

Revenue-related metrics tie back to the point of your redesign to create a site that your target customers love. They include conversions, conversation rate, revenue, average order value (AOV), Customer Lifetime Value(CLV).

6. What to change and how to assess it?

A more efficient way to go about it is to focus on the small things that can make a big difference first, make changes, and test the results.

How much does a website redesign cost?

In the dynamic world of technology and talent, there are so many options available to rebuild your website that price ranges from $100 by doing it yourself through software like Hubspot and WordPress to websites that cost over $100k and require a team of highly skilled professionals. The decision depends on how much you can invest to achieve your desired goals.

Moving ahead and estimating how much it costs to revamp a website, your team should acknowledge the key factors guiding accurate price calculations for a website redesign. Evaluating resources to be utilized while redesigning, like time, expertise, and customization, drive the cost up or down.

Creating Website Content

Website content includes information, images, videos, white papers, blogs, graphics, and more. Companies that focus on updating the content consider the two options:

  • Rewrite existing content

Companies with limited time and funds would like to repurpose the present content. Rewriting the current website includes precise information about the company, offering material, product demo videos, FAQs, updating details about team members, and more.

Rewriting content implies updating it to be highly informative, easier to understand, and more relevant with facts and figures. This could necessitate some rewriting, redesigning, and possibly changing the format. This is the most adopted option as starting with pre-existing information will save time and money.

  • Create fresh content 

A fresh content design-updated website enables companies to achieve their expected goals, letting new customers interact, converse and transact with new websites and breaking revenue records. 

Although this is a time-consuming task, creating new content helps you engage more visitors, improve search rankings, build trust and high conversion rates.


The design of your website is a part of your branding, and rebranding creates an opportunity for revisits of your customers. This includes page layout, fonts, action buttons, colors, site navigation, and graphic redesigns. The cost of improvising the appearance is comparatively lower than a feature-packed site because it requires less effort.


Your website's scope is crucial in calculating the redesign cost because there might be possibilities that one page requires a remodeling strategy and another redesign strategy. Here, companies with a large number of pages need to spend more as compared to small-sized companies with smaller websites. Therefore, counting the number of pages that need revamping according to the applied methods is very important.

What process will you follow to examine the size of your website? Use the page ranges below:

  • A small website might have anywhere from 1 to 50 pages.
  • 50 to 150 pages make up a medium website.
  • The large website can have anywhere from 150 to 250 pages.

Remember that web design businesses may employ different page ranges for their services. A 25-page website, for example, by a small team of top web developers and designers, may be considered a small size of a website as a large site.

Significant Integrations 

Integrations of your website with content management systems (CMS), paid services, live chat, or other software solutions, whether ongoing or planned, have a significant impact on the cost of a website redesign. 

The issue is that, as a result of the new website design, old integrations must frequently be recreated from scratch, which can be time-consuming. Some outdated tools and systems may cause issues with your new design, so you'll likely need to upgrade to newer ones. It's also challenging to give a ballpark figure because each combination of connected software is different. 

However, the general rule is that the more integrations you have, the more testing and bug-fixing your redesign project will necessitate.

Programming and functionality 

The third factor that drives the website redesign costing is more towards technicality, i.e., reprogramming your website to perform the functions you need. As mentioned earlier, information-centric websites focus on the content but not on other parts, on the lower end of the cost scale.

Advanced functionality websites will necessitate additional development hours, which will raise the website's cost. You can enhance the website with add-on features like calculators, innovative inquiry forums, blogs, photo galleries, eCommerce facilities, and many more. 

Plug-ins can support some functionality, potentially saving time and money. Integrating advanced functionality can increase the cost of a website emerging in more leads, customer visits, and higher conversion rates. 

Website redesign cost has been categorized into four different key levels of range:

  • $100 - $1000 (USD)
  • $1000 - $5000 (USD)
  • $5000 - $15000 (USD)
  • $15000 - $50000 (USD)

The price ranges break down from $100 to $50000 subject to the factors influencing you for redesigning, who you're choosing to perform this task, and how much you can invest. For example - a $100 budgeted website doesn't indicate poor quality; it means you're choosing to 'do-it-yourself by website builder CRM' and are targeted to redecorate a few pages or add some content on selected pages.

Considering the above price ranges, these ranges are further divided as per the expert you choose to perform the task:

  • Website Builder - $0 - $100
  • Freelancer - $500 - $5000
  • Web Design Agency - $3000 - $50000

As per the budget, you need to decide who will implement your website design. So finally, the cost of your website redesign is determined by the individual who will be executing the work. It should go without saying that every expert has its pros and cons. Get the best redesign solutions from three kinds of experts.

# Do it on your own or CMS (Content Management System)

Your cheapest but most carefree makeover choice is free web tools that enable a DIY website redesign. We encourage you to do it, especially if there are minor changes and your website makes your company's online presence. This category falls in the first price level.

# Employ a freelancer

If you don't want to hire a unique web designer, this is a cost-effective choice that falls between first and second price levels. However, collaboration with a freelancer might result in challenges such as staggered deadlines and continually changing costs for cost savings.

# Engage the services of a website design firm

Allowing a website redesign company to take full responsibility for a website makeover is expensive. Still, undoubtedly the safest alternative compared to freelancers and 'do-it-yourself,' as they have well-experienced, skilled personnel in the expert team. They will not only be able to finish the project on time and given budget, but they will also be able to handle the integration by themselves. 

Final words

Determining the accurate cost of redesigning a website is debatable as numerous factors, strategies and experts dominate this job. Basically, a website redesign is a process of making changes to your existing website to improve user experience, increase website traffic, or have higher conversion rates.

Consulting with a good website development company or website developer accounting for the diverse combinations can help you renovate your company's best website while staying within your budget.

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