12 Mistakes to Avoid While Implementing NetSuite ERP

  • Assim Gupta
  • Nov 29, 2022
  • 7 Min Read
Mistakes to Avoid While Implementing NetSuite ERP

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Netsuite is a globally recognized business operating platform out-turn the growing companies to scale up their borders and establish themselves internationally. It encourages businesses to streamline their workflows into a single cloud system, further enhancing business productivity and growth. It is possible if your Netsuite implementation process is well-thought-out before making it live.

Implementing NetSuite ERP is crucial but necessary for growth. It is not as simple as the NetSuite buying process. NetSuite is a comprehensive business solution with various aspects and competencies; it's critical to focus on the NetSuite implementation phase to achieve the most outstanding results. It would be best to be very watchful during the deployment process; otherwise, your money and time will be wasted.

Let us take care of some common NetSuite implementation mistakes if you want to reap the full benefits of NetSuite:

#1. Opposition to New Changes

'Change is hard, but change is good' - Henry Rollins. You need to make sure that all have the same idea in their heads. The significant point of NetSuite is to streamline all of your systems within one cloud ERP. If anyone from your organization shows disagreement or opposes the adoption of new technology, then the whole point of making things better will put your future growth on hold.

#2. Misunderstand that 'Old is Gold'

Transition itself plays a significant role in getting a return on invested resources. So, it is better to position your plan for effective transition because new thinking opens the door to new possibilities. Trying to stick with old methods can make the implementation process difficult. You've spent a lot of money and time on ERP systems; therefore, discover a unique way of applying Netsuite.

Following old processes will lead to limitations during implementation. The old one has been influenced by old system implementation way back by old management with the same old thought process. Instead, think of out-of-the-box ways to execute a new system; this will energize your team and let them start fresh with the wonderful possibilities of a new system. Leave the traditional operating function methods and prepare yourself for a new platform that will help you scale up and automate more than ever before.

#3. Applying all together, like a shot

Excitement for new opportunities is good, but the eagerness to get things done all at once is not the best practice for furthering the process.

Don't get your hands messy by transiting every function simultaneously. Always remember, step by step, one can go far. Keep your long-term goals in mind before stepping in to achieve short-term goals. A gradual rollout strategy could be effective. You could start with the necessary functions and then get your stakes on advanced functions.

For example - In the order-taking function, consider how you address clients, fill in the details, pass them on to the delivery department, revise the whole process more smartly, execute it, and go on to another step.

#4. Prioritizing Customization over Configuration

A software architect needs to be an expert with good experience integrating automation at every step of the current system. You and your NetSuite team should know its operation before adding customization features and functions. Bombarded with customized features may cause your NetSuite to perform slower and worse than it needs to be. Or else, the team will be stuck in a repeat process that expedites the worst user experience.

NetSuite is simple to set up and use; you can quickly automate procedures using it.

To begin, try to use as many basic capabilities as possible and customize only what you need. You might not even know what you want if you customize it too soon. Working through the process manually for a while will assist you in figuring out what you're looking to automate.

#5. Don't rush like Speedy Gonzales

NetSuite ERP implementation is a long process that requires both time and money. Don't hand it over to your roadrunner; instead, involve key personnel who can give 100% devotion without diverting from regular tasks.

Let your testing team participate in the training process to familiarize the team with the features and functions. Once everyone gets their hands-on basics, make sure to assist them in getting started.

It's better to start slow and get your team assisted rather than throw the whole implemented system and expect them to learn independently. Focus is more on the actual training and then going live on the testing step. The key persons should work in initial training and then ask them to test with the actual process in Netsuite. It is a great way to make your implementation successful as the key person will provide relevant feedback from experience they gather in initial training and in testing the actual process of how NetSuite works.

#6. Irrelevant Transition

Reluctance to drain unrelated data may lead to the failure of NetSuite ERP implementation. Examine your old data and filter it according to future requirements and relevancy before transferring to NetSuite ERP. By doing so, you will get to know who bought this data, how much storage is required, when this data is stored, any risks involved, quality issues related to historical data, and many more.

Start processing the significant information transformation before going live or ahead of time. This practice will save your system from future threats due to historical data. Moreover, you can fix some underlying issues related to historical data before going live with the testing process.

#7. Unreasonable Use of Auto-Generated Reports

Because NetSuite provides so many reports and filters, you may need assistance determining which reports are appropriate.

Use the basic reports for the first several weeks to learn how they can help you. If you decide to customize NetSuite, you'll better understand how it operates and what restrictions it has. Remember that some reports aren't designed to be there and would be better off in a reporting program like BI Book.

#8. Avoid Taking Help From Experts

Implementing NetSuite ERP software is not a piece of cake for any organization, whether you're from the technology sector or the hospitality sector. Many organizations buy the product and ask random IT personnel to implement the whole system. They don't know what they are doing and have no idea about the complexity involved in implementing a NetSuite ERP solution.

It's simply not a good idea to start the process of applying to NetSuite with or without taking help from a professional. This process seeks advice and professional experience at each step; this will give you a taste that helps raise the success rate of quick adoption and easy learning of new systems without affecting the productivity of users.

#9. Expectations to Get Everything Once

Expecting positive results from the NetSuite system is obvious. But setting unrealistic expectations regarding business achievements is unreasonable before going live.

Management should give the whole team adequate knowledge about the system and motivate them to start fresh with reasonable expectations from the system. It's the system that will ease your workflow, but it's the users giving commands to the system to perform and achieve goals.

One should know that the implementation phase is just a part of your NetSuite ERP; its operational management and maintenance strategy will start generating the expected results. So, wait till things settle down and start working smoothly towards achieving goals.

#10. Lack of Maintenance Strategy

Every system needs timely maintenance and updates for the best performance. Keep up with the NetSuite ERP system on a timely basis to get the most out of it and maximize your resource investment. Avoid making maintenance strategies about what, when, and how the system repair or upgrade will again cause a deployment failure as maintaining the system after the transmission is a part of an implementation strategy.

#11. Negligence to Test System Before Going Live

Many businesses avoid conducting extensive testing procedures in their production setting, overlooking the custom objects of ERP systems that might not be functioning correctly after deployment. Forming a testing team or cooperating with an implementation expert might help you avoid this blunder. The ideal option is to set up a test environment identical to your production environment.

#12. Missing Training Session for Employees

Although, every employee can't be well-informed regarding each function and feature of the system while deployed. So, you need to conduct structured training sessions to inform them about the system's functionalities. This is necessary no matter how great your implementation team works and how well you have planned out the implementation; if your staff doesn't understand how the system works and their roles, your money, and efforts will be wasted.

Providing professional training to employees will also contribute to the success of NetSuite implementation. So, you must set aside enough time and money to get your employees trained. It would be best if you allowed them to get their hands on the system by interacting with the system and making the transition as smooth as possible.

Final Words

Avoiding the mistakes of NetSuite ERP implementation will allow companies to boost their performance. You should choose the NetSuite implementation partner wisely; they better understand all issues that can turn out to be a headache if not managed intelligently. If you are looking for a proficient NetSuite implementation partner for your business, you can consult with our experts and get the best implementation.

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