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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions are the lifeblood of a business organization. Netsuite ERP systems streamline business functionalities and save the time and resources needed to stimulate growth, drive innovation, and give you a competitive edge. Netsuite is the most competent choice to build a unified cloud-based ERP platform for SMBs and mid-level organizations.

Businesses are furiously looking for fully integrated cloud-based management systems that enable the visibility, control, and agility to run and manage operations flawlessly. Netsuite ERP is an agile and flexible solution used to manage finance, orders, production, supply chain, inventory, purchase, and your business' human resources.

Foundation of Cloud-based ERP Systems

Netsuite originated in 1998 by IT expert Evan Goldberg with 'NetLedger.' Later in 2016, it was acquired by Oracle. Since Oracle was a key investor, it decided to continue with the foundation team of NetSuite and keep the business as an Independent Global Unit. NetSuite was the first cloud computing startup launched one month before Salesforce, the leading aggregator.

Why Choose Netsuite?

Netsuite is a comprehensive financial management solution that automates business finances and accounting processes. Netsuite consists of a bundle of modules that helps in managing other back-end and front-end functions like inventory, supply chain, CRM, manufacturing, order, marketing promotions, and many others. Organizations with service-oriented businesses can take advantage by integrating the NetSuite Service Resource Management tool to automate service-based processes.

Do You Know NetSuite SuiteCommerce is the True Champion for the eCommerce Industry.

Automate core finance

Netsuite ERP system eases financial management by keeping accurate records of cash flows, fixed assets, incentive compensation, dunning letters, and procure-to-pay. The extensive capabilities of this system allocate the analytical reports of business finances to help in making critical decisions. Control and visual monitoring of financial data improve the organization's economic productivity, efficiency, and operations.

Supports comprehensive functions of business

NetSuite comes with an array of modules that can be transformed and customized as per your company's requirements. The software integrates well with all your corporate processes without disturbing your business. It combines in one system from eCommerce to inventory management, from customer relationship management to human resources to advanced warehouse management, professional services automation, and services resource planning.

A unified system across the organization can help you improve financial reporting and cost management, streamline order management and procurement processes, and increase overall business productivity.

Real-time visibility

NetSuite allows you to customize dashboards and view real-time data, allowing you to make better decisions faster. You can build and view key performance indicators at any moment to help you make faster business choices.


NetSuite is the ideal solution for firms that are expanding and ambitious. NetSuite can quickly adapt and give firms the tools they need to stay up with their growth and maintain a competitive edge over their competitors; thanks to add-on modules, SuiteApps, powerful integration capabilities, regular upgrades, and more accessible customized functionalities.

Easy Integration

NetSuite's compilation of robust Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) facilitates the integration with other essential partner tools of NetSuite. However, your organization must be using other automation tools to perform specific operations; that's okay because that is where you'd like NetSuite as it embraces them, to easily integrate into its environment than migrate to a new add-on module that your staff is unfamiliar with.


NetSuite comprises 30 different applications and various add-ons. No wonder these modules are a lifeline for those who choose NetSuite for automating business functions. Customization is viable as per the business’s unique need to scale exponentially.

Business Challenges Solved by Netsuite

NetSuite is the world's most popular cloud ERP solution. It provides the capabilities to innovate and drive business growth without requiring the purchase of gear or significant up-front expenditure. The subscription licensing model's automatic upgrades help lower the total cost of ownership (TCO).

You can track the performance of your sales, manufacturing, and inventories in real-time by integrating this scalable solution into your organization. Share customer cards to manage your contacts jointly. NetSuite brings all of your data together in one location, avoiding double entry and errors. To make informed business judgments, you'll have the appropriate information at the right time.

It's all about problem-solving when it comes to finding the best software solutions for your company. Your company faces distinct issues that can be addressed in various ways. In the end, you want to find a solution that increases your efficiency and productivity while lowering your costs. NetSuite is one of them.

Netsuite is one of the most trusted cloud solutions in automating the technology sector and addressing adequate business needs. NetSuite is not used exclusively for automating finance but can turn various time-consuming, manual, and inaccurate business processes into productive, effective, and automatic business processes. It can enable the business to take on a wide range of issues, but here we are pondering upon a few significant challenges:

  • Junk of applications

    Small to big organizations use a combination of tools to facilitate their routine tasks like operations, inventory management, updating finance books, etc.

    NetSuite blends lower-tier program capabilities with industry-leading benefits for managing and processing company transactions in one place. Your data quickly travels throughout your entire firm using NetSuite's single, integrated solution, limiting room for error. This solution will save time and money by not transitioning from one software to another.

  • Manual processes

    High human intervention in performing every task in an organization becomes time-consuming. Heavy spending yet low productivity leads the way to adopt modern technology for performing functions at the organization. Netsuite is built to automate processes that waste time and resources. The Netsuite ERP system reduces personnel participation and increases the productivity and returns of organizations.

  • Remote access

    After Covid-19, working from home became a new trend for professionals. However, remote working is here to stay; back then, the existing IT infrastructure was not compatible to allow remote access. An essential first step for organizations is to dig out all the possible solutions to make remote work successful.

    Netsuite is a modern, fully cloud-based computing solution that fits the need for easy remote performance. This software authorizes remote professionals to securely access all the required data across the organization and keeps your business running from anywhere in the world. The cloud-based solution for your company may be accessed remotely via a web browser or NetSuite's app, allowing your staff to work from anywhere without missing a beat.

  • Data accessibility

    Large enterprises compiled of vast management teams knock out the easy accessibility of data across cross-functional teams leading to misconceptions in decision-making. Netsuite becomes a savior for businesses by giving them access to financial, operational, customer, personnel, and transactional data from across the organization. It facilitates integration with various other systems intended to visualize data run reports to provide a high-level overview or an in-depth account of business activity. The system works on a real-time approach where relevant data is easily and quickly accessible to every authorized person.

    NetSuite provides real-time dashboards that allow you to see essential performance metrics, current status, and historical data over a specified period. NetSuite's dashboard makes information ranging from customers and orders to revenue and predictions easily accessible. Plus, you get real-time visibility into your business from any web browser, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Data integrity

    Trouble spots for 60% of businesses are that their systems aren't fully integrated with their functionalities. NetSuite has powerful APIs that make it simple to integrate the system with other popular software programs, either directly or through a connector or integration platform (iPaaS). We've done NetSuite Salesforce integrations, Magento NetSuite integrations, and a variety of other NetSuite integrations.

  • Meeting expectations

    Netsuite is not the case where expectations don't meet reality. Netsuite integrated systems evolve to deliver promising results. Integrated Netsuite systems leverage organizations to achieve challenging goals in determining time and with optimum resources. Enterprises embracing this agile technology are a significant part of their IT infrastructure because they promise order accuracy, on-time delivery, and cost savings.

  • Customer retention

    For exponential growth, every business looking to acquire a new customer and retaining the existing one is critical. NetSuite increases the productivity of organizations and turns out to be more focused on achieving business goals.


As technology evolves, you can always find a better solution for your business system. What is essential here is to find the most competitive solution in the room, and NetSuite is the one. Netsuite fits the needs of startups, mid-size businesses, and large enterprises. Try it to experience our NetSuite professional services to know how powerful it is in addressing and solving real-world business problems.


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