How to Hire Web Development Agency - Step-by-Step Guide

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Building a successful website from scratch requires a lot of labor and, at the very least, design and SEO expertise. To save time and resources, most startups, entrepreneurs, and enterprises prefer hiring web developers or agencies.

Instead of exerting all your energy building a website, you can hire web developers who will do all the work on your behalf while you focus on running your business.

This blog will take you through all the steps necessary to hire the best web development agency.

However, before we get into the why and how of hiring, let's talk about some of the essential things you should do before contacting freelance web developers or web development firms.

Don’t contact a web development agency or freelancers before reading below essentials

#Document your project requirements

Detailed product documentation helps you set the precise product vision and identify the answers to all the "whys ."Further, having properly defined product requirements is essential for filtering your options among potential web development firms.

For instance, if you feel that you will also need a mobile app in addition to the website, hiring web developers with only website development in their portfolio would be automatically disqualified because they don't satisfy your needs.

While you're at it, it is sensible to specify your company's objectives and how the website will aid in achieving them. What is your ultimate objective in entering the field of website development?"

The responses may range from product knowledge and brand awareness to lead generation, sales, and eCommerce. Getting this part right from the start would be incredibly helpful for measuring success in later phases.

#Create a framework

A framework is the basic structure of something. In the case of web development, it aids in putting the fundamental features, layout, and style of the website you have in mind on paper.

A basic framework, from the perspective of the developer, aids in clarifying the project requirement, identifying the tools required to build the project, and providing a realistic estimate of the project's development time and cost.

A straightforward concept diagram should be more than adequate for building the framework. Use wireframing and prototyping tools, widely available online for free if you're searching for something more tangible.

Now that we know the homework you should do on your part, let's move forward and discuss the steps you should take to hire the best web development agency.

Here’s how to hire the best web development agency

Step1: Freelancers Vs. Agency

Innumerable factors can go into this decision; these are some of the more significant, most common reasons.


It would be best if you considered an agency when:

  • You are building a complex website that requires an agile and collaborative approach.
  • You are using an advanced technology stack that needs expert and well-experienced developers. /li>
  • You need to complete and promote your website on a strict deadline
  • You have other important things to worry about and cannot monitor everything 24*7.

You should hire freelancer web developers when:

  • Your project is small.
  • You have the time and resources to collaborate and manage freelancers.
  • You have a plan in place for website support and maintenance services.

Step2: Offshore Vs. Onshore

You have the option of working with an onshore web development company (one that is based in the exact location as you) or you can choose to avail benefits of web development outsourcing by partnering with an offshore development organization.


Here is a comparison of employing offshore teams versus recruiting locally (onshore), including advantages, disadvantages, and what could be best for your company.

1.) Cost


Hiring experienced and expert developers is quite expensive in the US and Western Europe; costs include salaries, recruitment fees, and perks like health insurance. The average hourly rate for web developers in the US is $50 to $85.


Hiring overseas developers such as from India will immediately save you money. Compared to hiring someone locally, using offshore developers results in reduced taxes, lower hourly rates, etc.

2.) Talent Pool


There is a severe lack of highly qualified, experienced yet affordable software engineers, even in prominent locations like London and Paris.


On the other hand, a country like India creates more than 1.5 million new engineers each year. They are also completely fluent in English. As a result, you get to work with a team of proactive engineers who can take control of their projects from day1.

Benefits of Web Development Outsourcing

  • Available to work 24*7
  • Highly skilled for a low cost
  • Access to a global talent pool

The choice to hire a developer relies on your preferences. An onshore business is the best option for you if your budget is substantial, to begin with, while offshore development teams may be the best option if your resources are limited.

Step3: Post your requirement online

Whether you are looking for freelancers or a web development agency, posting your requirements online is the first step toward attracting potential candidates.


When creating a post, keep the following things in mind:

  • Describe your business, the company's objectives as well as the target market. This will provide developers with information about the project's scope.
  • Add a project summary about website goals, audience, features, budget, etc.
  • Inform the agency of the final deliverables and the format they must use.
  • Mention any assistance you will offer from your end. Design standards, color schemes, website copy, logos, wireframes, and other materials.
  • Send links to websites that are similar to what you desire. You can also provide instances of things you'd like to avoid and things you don't like.
  • Explain the level of expertise you seek and any other qualities that are significant to you.
  • Share a project deadline. Don't hesitate to have a tighter deadline than you have because it helps keep people focused and helps them manage their time effectively.

Don't forget to send a minor task as well. This will assist you in weeding out companies who blindly revert to whatever job posting they come across. Include a minor assignment in your job description, such as using a specific subject line or responding to a brief question. You will know who correctly read it this way.

Step4: Evaluating the best web development agency

Hopefully, after you have posted your project online, you will receive applications. The big question is how you choose who to work with. Here are a few pointers to increase your chances of selecting the best web development agency.


  • Make sure you visit the company's website.
  • Pay close attention to the company's web design expertise. You can look through their online portfolio or contact them directly to request it.
  • If the company's work appeals to you, set up a skype chat with a representative to continue your conversation and learn more about the team, how it operates, and any other information you may be interested in.
  • Numerous web development services exclusively offer one particular kind of service. Make sure the company has experience in working for diverse industry domains.
  • Pay attention to the testimonials and blog section. Crosscheck the projects that the testimonials and blogs refer to.
  • Assess the design team's competency. Skilled professionals will go to work as soon as they are familiar with the assignment, discuss design aspects, and give their solutions.
  • A good organization can describe its STRATEGY to you for your project. You will know what to anticipate from this company in the future at the outset of the work. By the way, it's probably not a good team if they agree with everything you say and never challenge you.

Step5: Paid tests

Asking candidates to take a paid test is a brilliant idea. Once you have finalized a list of potential web development agencies, give them a temporary assignment and observe how they respond. Pay close attention to both their communication and their technical expertise. It's a good indicator of what to expect once they are onboard.


Request estimates if you exclude potentially excellent candidates because you think the budget requirements are too low.

After hiring the company

Once you have settled on the best web development agency you'd like to work with, it's time to start the project for real. Here is an essential roadmap you should follow regularly:

  • Establish benchmarks, especially for larger projects.
  • Set up frequent meetings to continuously assess project pace and quality.
  • Business keeps evolving; make sure the website is easy to maintain, update & scale.

Summing it all up

Web development is, in general, a challenging task. There aren't any quick fixes or straightforward, standard procedures. Building high-quality user-centric websites require effort, knowledge, and expertise.

You and your company must take the time to select a company that can accurately comprehend and quantify your business goals and develops a successful strategy. In other words, you should be searching for a partner rather than just a web development company.

Hope you found all the tips and tricks you need to find the best web development agency for your project in this article. We understand that it would not be easy to follow every step at first. But it always gets easier with time.

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