The Estimated Cost of Developing an Ideal Dating App

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When it comes to finding love, you don't need to go any further than your cell phone. In today's hyper-connected society, it is now extremely easy to meet your future possible soulmates from the comfort of your sofa.

To save time, it's a good idea to use online dating app solutions deliberately, which means just signing up for the ones where you have the highest possibility of meeting like-minded people.

The online dating app development company creates an app that needs you to fill out a lengthy profile and answer various personality- and interest-related questions.

What does it take to develop dating app solutions? 

First let’s look at some of the facts behind the boom in this industry:

  • According to Businessofapps, the number of individuals using dating apps has also grown, with more than 323 million people throughout the globe using them. More and more dating is taking place on mobile devices.
  • By 2024, ResearchAndMarkets predicts that the Global Dating Apps market will grow at a CAGR of around 6 percent, with yearly profits increasing gradually.
  • If we talk about global dating app downloads, since its record of 287.4 million downloads in 2019, downloads have been on a downward trend over the last two years.
  • As per the report by Statista, US online dating revenue will reach $755 billion by 2024 and will be continually growing.
  • For the skeptics among you, statistics show that dating apps are effective. According to Bumble, among overall dating app users, more than two-thirds strongly respond to finding a committed partner. If you're a part of millennials, the likelihood is that half of your friends have also found their spouses via dating apps.

With high demand and an unsaturated market with excellent dating apps, many aspiring entrepreneurs are likely to enter the dating app development market and take advantage of success by gaining the lion's share.

So, let's better understand how to build one, the features, and how much it costs you to develop a mobile dating app.

Dating app development - features, process, and cost

Features play a significant role in determining how much resources will be utilized while developing a mobile app.

Adding functionalities is a constant and innovative process, but to achieve standardization, you need to integrate a few must-have features of dating apps:

- Log in via your social media accounts

The dating application allows users to sign in using their existing accounts from social networking platforms such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. When members of a dating site can combine their social media profiles with the platform, it demonstrates a higher level of reliability.

- Match Making

The process of matching potential partners is an essential component of dating apps. People sign up for a dating app with the expectation of a positive result, and if you're developing one, you need to add a function that allows users to make matches or swipe left or right on potential partners.

- Real-time chatting

In-app texting is another important feature of a dating app for couples who share similar interests and have been matched by the algorithm. This feature should only be enabled for the users who have been mutually matched on the dating application.

- Enable GeoTech

Your dating app must have geolocation functionality. The incorporation of this feature was primarily motivated by the need to discover persons within a certain radius. When you delegate the project to the team or dating app developers for your mobile app development, ensure that the geolocation API and Core Location have been installed.

- Push Notifications 

The app delivers push alerts to users for instant updates. This can also be done by sending direct emails or to their registered mobile number. Users can keep up to speed on matches, profile recommendations, communications, and other relevant information through notifications, which are like friendly nudges. Users do not need to wait for the app to recognize the activity they are engaging in. These essential qualities entice users to return to the dating apps often and participate actively.

Tinder's success in the mobile apps market and the many expenses associated with its creation have given us a clear grasp of the various aspects that determine the cost of producing any small-scale or enterprise-grade dating program.

Type of dating app-clone to start with

Your chosen development style will substantially influence your matchmaking app expenses. On-demand dating app solutions may be created in one of two ways:

  • by cloning an existing app or 
  • by starting from scratch.

To save your time and money on developing the best dating application, you can build a clone of it based on other famous dating apps like Bumble, Tinder, or many more. In other words, you can buy and run scripts for these types of applications to get a ready-made dating app solution that may integrate your brand identity.

The creation of a dating app depends on the following

- The Level of Complexity

The complexity of your online dating app solution has a direct influence on the cost of online dating applications. If you need to construct a dating app that can do complicated operations such as processing payments, synchronizing with the internet, processing in-app purchases, sending push notifications, utilizing real-time GPS, or connecting users with other users, then the cost of producing such an app will naturally be more than the cost of establishing a basic dating app.

- Development Resources

The source of the app's creators highly influences the cost of dating apps development. Here you have the three best options:

  • working with a freelancer, 
  • hiring in-house dating app developers, or 
  • dealing with an online dating app development company.

The following are the projected hourly charges for several methods of developing a dating app:

  • In-House Team - $140 - $240 per hour
  • Freelancers- $15 - $30 per hour
  • Online dating app development company - $20 - $100 per hour

Calculating the estimated amount of their services hourly, you may get the idea that employing in-house mobile app developers is far more expensive than engaging with freelancers or third-party mobile app development companies.

You may employ a freelancer with a semi-technical staff and hire in-house app developers. In case of developing an app from scratch and with unique features, use one of the top on-demand dating app development companies to oversee your project and deliver the best results in the industry.

- Choosing a Platform for Development

Cross-platform or native app development influences the cost of designing a dating app. Cross-platform apps cost around half as much as iOS apps and Android native apps. If you want maximum user involvement and downloads for your dating app, choose cross-platform development. Moreover, if you aim to target a specific market or have the means, go for native development. Native apps are more functional and user-friendly.

The price of leveraging an app with rich features and high functions

A dating app must include a particular set of essential characteristics for it to be a comprehensive and accurate solution. Additional features are required to protect the privacy and security of users' personal information. When people sign up for your services, you trust their social logins, personal information, and other sensitive data. The features mentioned above heavily influence a dating app's development costs.

Cost of Designing UX/UI of Mobile Applications

The app's design is one of the essential factors in converting prospective users into paying customers. An app's overall visual design is crucial in attracting consumers and keeping them engaged with your service.

While pre-built themes may save time and money, your dating app will appear like every other generic app on the market with nothing unique or exciting.

  • Simple Dating App Cost - $800
  • Average Dating App Cost - $5200
  • Complex Dating App Cost - $10,600

Outsourcing the design of your dating app to an experienced dating app development company with proven expertise in developing dating applications is always a good idea. Colors, shapes, typefaces, and more are all things that should reflect in your dating app's design. It is equally important that your app follows a clear and straightforward design guide to ensure the user's experience is as frictionless as possible.

Summing up this read on dating app solutions

There is great demand for a new dating app on the market. Developing an app is simple if you get connected to experts in the industry. Conceptualize and narrow your focus to a specific demographic, and plan your business strategy accordingly.

When deciding on creating an ideal and compelling dating app like Tinder, you need to take the first step in determining how much money will be required to develop the app. It is hard to estimate the amount of time and money needed to construct an application without a thorough understanding of its functions. Talk to our experts to gain clarity. We’d be happy to assist and consult!!


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