Control and Fear Aren't Your Company's Only Growth Problem

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The Invisible Crushing Power of Software

Why are companies afraid to partner with the vendors and the core competencies they need?

From my standpoint as a consultant, it boils down to control and fear.

Control is a way to manage fear. Clients worry about what happens if there is a catastrophic loss. They wonder what would happen if their cloud infrastructure suddenly goes down. Companies fear that they will become powerless from this loss of control. In the event of a serious problem, all the client will be able to do is call an 800 number and complain!

For PACEfunding (a specialty lending company), they needed software as the heart of their complex loan processing revenue model.

They also needed their software delivered to increase investor confidence to raise $1,000,000 in series B funding to grow! Like most clients, their control and fear came down to competency. But who has a more tested software manufacturing process?

US: ( a company with 200 software engineers and core competency in technology design.

THEM: a small team of just a few engineers who lack core software manufacturing competency.

The answer is clear.

(NOTE: Like you, the senior leaders at PACEFunding needed to hire a software consultant who could innovate their business. But they didn’t know how to hire, nor who to trust. Watch what happened next to the COO after he used price as his only decision criteria, and awarded work to the low-bid vendor. (Spoiler Alert: After the train wreck, he finally got the $1 Million in funding!)

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Assim Gupta

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Assim Gupta is the CEO and Founder of Closeloop, a cutting-edge software development firm that brings bold ideas to life. Assim is a strategic thinker who always asks “WHY are we doing this?” before rolling up his sleeves and digging in. He is data-driven and highly analytical, yet his passion is working with teams to build unexpected, creative solutions that catapult companies forward.

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