Closeloop is Now Among the Top 1000 Global Service Providers in 2022

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United States, Dec 12, 2022- Closeloop Technologies, a leading software development company, has been featured in Clutch.Co’s global list of top 1000 software service providers in 2022; secures #302 rank among the top 1000. The listing includes some of the biggest names in the software outsourcing space. The entire team at Closeloop feels honored to be counted among the best in the world.

Closeloop has been providing software solutions for over a decade. They work closely with clients to ensure a high satisfaction rate and are eager to improve their services based on feedback.

The company has a proven track record of providing quality software solutions. Their clients have consistently given them positive feedback on review websites like Following this recognition of its passion and hard work, Closeloop looks forward to setting new benchmarks as a leading global software solution provider.

“At Closeloop, we pride ourselves on providing high-end software services to clients across the globe. We are committed to excellence and innovation, and this inclusion in the top 1000 list further proves that commitment.” - Mr. Assim Gupta, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Closeloop.

He further adds, “This is also the time to appreciate the support of our clients. We thank them for their continued support and trust and look forward to continuing to serve them at the highest level. The company will continue to provide world-class services to its clients, helping them stay ahead of the competition."

Clutch analysts evaluate each company based on its ability to deliver within its service line. The assessment was based on factors like clientele and portfolio of work, competitive specializations and experience, brand awareness, and industry recognition.

Global software service providers are expected to witness significant growth in their market share by 2023. This can be attributed to the increasing demand for software services from various industry verticals. The providers are expected to focus on expanding their presence in the untapped markets and strengthening their foothold in the existing markets.

Moving forward, Closeloop will continue expanding its services and offerings to its clients. They plan to expand their sales and marketing teams and the R & D department. Additionally, they plan to continue developing new software products and platforms to help their clients run their businesses more efficiently.

About Clutch

Clutch is a trusted online B2B ratings and review platform. The platform has a comprehensive directory of software service providers, complete with company profiles, services offered, and contact information. With over 200,000 listed software agencies and 40000+ genuine reviews, is the go-to source for finding the best development agencies.

Clutch makes it easy for businesses to find providers by categories, such as mobile/web development, cloud solutions, AI solutions, digital marketing, web design, etc. And even if you are hiring a development partner for the first time, Clutch has you covered.

The platform has a dedicated blog section where you can find tips on hiring software development partners, learn about the latest development trends, and get opinions and insights from industry leaders.

About Closeloop Technologies

Closeloop Technologies is a California-based mobile/web development and software engineering company. Founded by ex-Google professionals, Closeloop focuses on developing high-quality and scalable software solutions for all categories of businesses.

It is the best in the business because they offer the perfect blend of quality and affordability. Their team is well experienced (including team members with prior work experience at firms like Google, Facebook, VMWare, etc.) and always up-to-date with the latest trends. Their services are priced fairly so everyone can benefit from their products.

Closeloop offers a complete range of software services, including web applications, mobile apps, and cloud-based solutions. They are always passionate and committed to providing quality work and excellent customer service. They also offer a wide range of support & maintenance services, so you can rest assured.

Contact Closeloop today to learn more about their software development services and see how they can help you achieve your goals.


Assim Gupta

Himanshu Verma linkedin-icon-squre

Digital Marketing Manager

Himanshu is the Digital Marketing Manager at Closeloop. He likes to share his knowledge and experience with the world; blog is one of the mediums. He writes on topics of his interests, such as online marketing, brand building, business growth, sales, lead generation, etc., and believes in adding value to readers’ lives. He loves traveling, sports, and army culture.

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