8 Clever Ways Augmented Reality Can Help Your Business

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In this tech-savvy world where everyone is keen to know the latest trends in technology, it is impossible to locate someone from the community who hasn't heard about augmented reality (AR).

Pokémon GO, a popular game by an augmented reality development company played by millions of users across the globe, is the best example to remind you all.

However, augmented reality is more than just a trendy term in the digital sphere. AR started the ball rolling in gaming and now goes beyond the realms of entertainment; this cutting-edge technology has profound implications in a varied range of sectors.

How can companies benefit from augmented reality app development?

We’ll explore exactly that in this post. We've worked on various AR projects, from games and simulators to 3D architectural animations.

The technology behind Augmented Reality isn't nearly as complex as it first seems. Overlapping a digital picture on top of a real-world photograph is as easy as it sounds. It's a way to set your company apart from the competition. You may provide your customers with a new experience using augmented reality technology.

Imagine a shopping mall that uses augmented reality to present a fresh perspective on every item in the future. It might be a technique to exhibit things in a new light to benefit potential customers. AR is the future and will only get bigger and better with time.

Why are companies leveraging Augmented Reality techniques in mobile app development?

The popularity of augmented reality technology is encouraging the development of high-end mobile apps. According to Statista, AR has already started to impact app development globally.

Many sectors, like real estate, finance, and healthcare, are calling for an augmented reality development company to help them with internal tasks and market their products to their end-users in a distinctive approach.

In addition, given that the world of intelligent devices is dominated by Android and iOS devices, it is evident that augmented reality applications will need enhanced functionality with cross-platform development to increase the breadth of their potential applications.

During the customer's journey to purchasing any product or service, they feel emotionally connected when they consider and decide on purchasing, and companies are well aware of this phenomenon.

Consequently, businesses are always looking for new technologies and ideas that will allow them to better connect with their current and future customers. Entrepreneurs may discover a strategy to stand out from their competition in this area.

Let's get into it and see how well all types of sectors benefit from AR applications. On top of it, we'll share some real-world examples for practical understanding.

8 Clever ways AR benefits businesses

  1. Advancements with gaming

According to a new report, global virtual gaming income will reach $2.4 billion by 2024. There is a slew of different augmented reality games besides Pokémon Go.

Partnering with an AR/VR app development company to invest in augmented reality (AR) games is innovative if you manage an arcade center since it will bring in more consumers and raise your income.

Another potentially lucrative market is that of augmented reality escape rooms. Entrepreneurs have the option of relying on contemporary technology rather than constructing an actual escape room or even going to the trouble of designing numerous rooms as things like haunted mansions or space stations.

  1. Magnify the in-store shopping experience

Customers can experience a virtual version of shopping in a physical store with augmented reality smartphone applications that recreate actual-sized objects in virtual trial rooms.

Retail stores with the help of an augmented reality development company can develop a virtual trial room for customers to try on items virtually with AR-powered apps; this move will save time and effort for your customers trying on multiple items. AR applications allow users to engage with the things they are shopping for and leverage more customized shopping experiences.

Among the brands that have released augmented reality applications are Locaste, Burberry, and many more. Additionally, Nike has an app that lets customers scan their feet and obtain very accurate size advice.

  1. Every day in social media apps

In recent years, augmented reality has significantly influenced social networking applications.

With the aid of AR, you'll soon witness a time when 3D content will replace 2D content on social media.

The widespread use of interactive content will transform social media. You'll also be able to market your items in a distinctively 3D manner with the help of the augmented reality function on social media applications.

Augmented reality helps consumers see and post material on social media. For example - when reserving a hotel room users can see ratings and reviews of the place instantly on their phones by scanning the front photo of their stay, which they can further share with their friends and peers.

Some examples of social media apps are Snapchat, Instagram, Youtube, and many more. Another example is AR ad campaigns and games from Facebook. The Facebook messenger app has some AR games like Asteroids Attack and Don't Smile. The former is a staring contest where the first person to grin loses; in the latter, users can navigate a spaceship with their faces.

  1. Deployed in geo-location technology

A location-based augmented reality app will use a mobile phone's geolocation data to provide information on a particular area. The location-based AR apps use the camera preview video to display the virtual way to users. A user can engage in real-time interaction with their routes and directions while using an augmented overlay.

For example - City tour guide apps can integrate AR tech to facilitate an interactive tour of a city, how the monuments look-like, or where they can park their vehicle nearby.

  1. Transforming education

Online education and e-learning may benefit from using augmented reality (AR) applications.

AR apps allow students to go through their instructional content from a unique viewpoint. Medical research centers use augmented reality technology to train future saviors to learn and get their hands on the human body without injuring anybody in reality.

Another example is - Tutors may employ real-time virtual images or animations while communicating with their students. There is great potential for educational innovation to change the way students learn forever. Popular augmented reality applications Photomath, Merge Cube, Tynker, etc.

  1. Enhance designing

Whether you're an architect, interior designer, landscape designer, or builder, an augmented reality (AR) app helps you see the blueprints of your design into finished products or how exactly the design will look in the real world. Some apps may help you see how various items, textures, and colors would fit into your plan.

Example of Interior Design AR App - IKEA Place app enables you to see 3D models of IKEA furniture and room sets in your house. People may test colors, concepts, and material and labor prices.

  1. Innovation in real-estate

When finding a place to live, most people start their search on the internet. AR allows potential investors to see properties before they are developed or to transform 2D designs into 3D renderings.

AR solutions are making it easier for realtors to achieve greater and quicker success than ever.

For example - The RealAR app - RealAR turns floor blueprints and 2D and 3D images of prospective properties into real-time walkthroughs. This is especially advantageous for agents handling unfinished homes since AR technology allows for intimate digital experiences of locations.

  1. Tech-enabled marketing and advertising

Marketers' innovative use of augmented reality (AR) apps will enhance connections between brands and customers while simultaneously boosting the possibility that they will make a purchase. Customers are encouraged to utilize a brand's mobile application more often when the material is entertaining. As a result, potential leads to convert into customers.

For example - Pepsi Max Campaign- Pepsi MAX provided a remarkable commute experience for Londoners. They used augmented reality (AR) technology to make guests feel like they were gazing through the bus shelter's glass wall while viewing a live video stream on an HD screen with 3D animation.

Augmented Reality development is the future - final words

The usage of AR and VR technology contributes to more interactive experiences. There are a lot of AR/VR app development companies currently leveraging this technology, and there are a lot more that are following suit. Understanding how these technologies roll out to every sector would be best.

If you wish to equip your company with cutting-edge solutions? Then take the time to research and hire highly qualified specialists in AR/VR app development or an augmented reality development company that can lend you their assistance in delivering innovative and high-quality solutions tailored to your business requirements, objectives, and financial constraints.


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