10 Top-notch Healthcare App Ideas in 2024

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Healthcare is one of the fastest-evolving and expanding business sectors today. Building a healthcare app is an investment toward social change that has an enormous effect on the digital era. Today, we have various types of apps that make it possible for patients and doctors alike to connect and consult without ever leaving home!

Growing usage and popularity of healthcare apps have resulted in an increased need for digital healthcare solutions that serve various functions, from diagnosing diseases to on-demand doctor booking. Given this demand, consider creating one yourself by teaming up with one of the top healthcare app development companies.

Healthcare industries are projected to reach US$63.90 Billion by the end of the year 2023, according to various estimates from studies and industry experts. Mobile health apps will bring many advantages to the healthcare industry. Here, we will discuss app ideas that may benefit it further.

What is Healthcare App Development?

Simply put, healthcare app development refers to the practice of creating healthcare-related mobile applications on various platforms such as Android, iOS, or Windows. Healthcare apps come in all forms and shapes - fitness apps, diet planning apps, record-keeping apps.

Market Statistics of Healthcare Apps

Below are the statistics regarding healthcare apps on the market:

  • In 2021, health apps totaled US$36.8 billion, with revenues increasing 12.3% as people become more aware of maintaining physical wellness and living healthier lifestyles.

  • Healthcare app revenue would increase 3.8x between 2022-2032, reaching over $ 155.9 Bn.

  • It is predicted that mobile health apps income from the medical apps segment would grow 24 basis points annually during that same timeframe, accounting for 96.44% of its overall revenues.

  • Women's health apps hold the largest market share among medical health apps, with 34.4 %, and are projected to experience compound annual growth of 15.2% over the next ten years.

  • The market will be driven by increasing usage of fitness & medical apps to collect health-related data on patients via smartphones and improve their well-being.

  • Diagnostic apps are projected to grow more quickly than medical apps, with a CAGR of 15.9% over five years, outpacing medical app market expansion by more than 40%.

Why Create a Healthcare App?

Below are several major reasons to turn your customized healthcare software solutions app idea into reality:

  1. Public Need

    One key driver behind investing in healthcare app ideas is meeting an unmet public need. Demand for healthcare apps is high, yet even greater is their significance.

    COVID-19 demonstrated the increasing demand for telehealth services. People can access healthcare from the convenience of their own homes with the appropriate app and save both time and money by accessing healthcare remotely.

    Everyone knows that when there's an urgent need, solutions tend to succeed - making this one of the primary motives behind creating your healthcare app.

  2. Healthcare of the Future

    Healthcare apps, mHealth apps, or telehealth services - whatever you call them - represent the future of healthcare. Within decades, these apps may dramatically change many aspects of care delivery. This prediction is not mere speculation but supported by facts. By investing in mobile app development, you can build up a strong position over time and become one of the leading businesses.

  3. Business Growth

    By 2029, the healthcare industry will be worth more than 300 billion dollars - this number alone makes app development worthwhile for business purposes. When done right, healthcare apps have the power to generate millions or even billions in profits for a company. An additional incentive to consider a custom healthcare app development company as part of business strategy.

10 Top-notch Healthcare Application Ideas in 2024

In order to be successful at developing a healthcare app, starting with an idea can be difficult. Here, we explore the top ten mobile app ideas from healthcare apps as a starting point. So, let's get down to business!

#1: Medical Reference App

With so much data collected through research, studies, and patients available today, doctors may overlook vital pieces of information from one another - but keeping themselves up-to-date with worldwide news (i.e., not missing important updates) is also paramount for success.

Medical reference applications provide the perfect solution in such instances. A physician, medical student, or nurse can easily refer back to case studies or drug information within minutes using these applications. Referring to these sections can help people locate suitable solutions while keeping professionals up-to-date with medical news and drug discovery taking place in the industry.

Some essential features of medical reference applications include:

  • Smart search across various categories

  • High-quality videos and images

  • Drug information in detail

  • Latest medical research news

  • Medical tests and quizzes

  • BMI calculator

#2: Doctor-on-demand App

Finding a doctor-on-demand app in an unfamiliar region is no small task, yet essential when dealing with medical emergencies. A doctor-on-demand app provides this solution. Users of this application are able to book doctor's appointments quickly. Furthermore, virtual video calls provide access to doctors.

Doctor-on-demand applications can be an immense blessing, particularly for older or physically disabled individuals who find it hard to see a doctor immediately. By automating the entire booking process and making scheduling easier for patients, doctor-on-demand app solutions serve as a wonderful solution for all involved parties.

Must-have features of the doctor-on-demand app include:

  • Smart search by locality, specialty, and availability

  • Push notifications

  • Instant booking of doctor’s appointment

  • Booking history

  • Free appointment slots

  • Manage/reschedule appointments

  • Locate nearby doctors

#3: Health Tracking App

Arranging and organizing lab reports is often an overwhelming task, making use of health tracking applications is an efficient solution. Clinics can utilize such programs to stay organized--date-wise reports, doctor diagnoses, allergy test results, and statutes all fall neatly into place for easy retrieval and storage.

This application integrates data directly from clinics and laboratories, giving medical staff an easier way to organize the set of data. It creates a patient profile containing all pertinent details about them.

An effective health-tracking application must include features such as:

  • List of patients and related records

  • Lab reports

  • Prescription management

  • Critical health condition notifications

  • Order lab tests

  • Accessing electronic health records

#4: Medicine Price Comparison App

Drug prices can differ widely depending on which brand is purchased, making it hard for regular consumers to ascertain which option offers lower pricing. A medicine price comparison application makes this easier by enabling users to easily compare costs across stores and brands.

Customers can quickly make purchasing decisions using this application and customize their orders by placing them in multiple stores.

Important features of a medicine price comparison app:

  • Smart search & filter

  • Multiple brand price comparison

  • Drug store information

  • Order from multiple stores

  • Schedule orders when needed

  • Drug substitute information

#5: E-prescription App

When patients require medicine refills on a regular basis, mobile applications that provide an e-prescription service may help generate one and submit it directly to pharmacies.

Patients can now gain access to medications quickly without waiting hours or days for their doctors' permission. With customized healthcare solutions in place, doctors, pharmacies, and patients all work in harmony.

E-prescription application includes must-have features like:

  • FDA-approved drug database

  • EHR integration

  • Healthcare CRM integration

  • Patient profile

  • Pharmacy store information

  • Push notification

  • Delivery tracking services

  • CMS integration

  • HIPAA compliance

  • Legal laws & regulations compliance

#6: Weight-Loss or Diet Tracking App

The millennial generation is highly health-minded (despite what some may believe), refusing to budge from their diet without good reason other than medical necessity. A weight-loss or diet-tracking app would allow users to track progress toward weight loss or diet compliance and stay on the right path toward good nutrition.

An application in this category helps them stay in shape no matter what. A testament to this workout app's effectiveness is the estimated $14.7 billion fitness industry by 2026.

Must-have features of the Weight-loss/Diet tracking application are:

  • Barcode scanner

  • User profile

  • GPS tracking

  • Diet Calendar/diet tracker

  • Weight monitoring

  • Calorie counter

  • Footstep/exercise counter

  • Suggested diet profiles

#7: Women's Well-being Healthcare App

Over her lifetime, women experience profound physical, emotional, and mental changes. There may come times when they are unsure what's happening with their body or emotions. At these times, a women's well-being healthcare app may serve as their greatest support system on this journey.

An application in this category provides women with information to better understand what medical situations they're going through, helping them track ovulation, fertility window, periods, diet, multiple therapies, motivational music, and medical research papers. Also, this app helps in connecting them with a gynecologist if treatment is required.

Women's healthcare applications must include features such as:

  • Period Tracker

  • Ovulation Tracker

  • Fertility Window

  • Diet Tracker

  • Push Notifications

  • Motivations Music Library

  • Medical research articles

  • Exercise tracking feature

  • Flow calculator

#8: Elder Healthcare App

Senior citizens may find it challenging to keep track of all their prescriptions, appointments, medications, and overall health needs. With memory issues becoming an additional difficulty factor for senior caretakers & seniors themselves, increasing numbers have begun turning to smartphone applications as an easier solution for managing life.

Smartphones and wearable devices make it possible for anyone to easily and independently monitor health conditions, stay fit and strong, track sleep patterns, and log food consumption and water intake. It also provides access to necessary resources for self-diagnosis.

Elder healthcare app solutions can be an innovative way of improving communication between caretakers and care receivers, serving both as an alert system for routine check-ups as well as emergency treatments. An app development services provider can also help you with in-app purchase features for your elder healthcare app.

Must-Have Features of Elder Healthcare App Solutions:

  • GPS integration

  • Set schedules

  • Request for a caregiver

  • AI-based chatbots

  • In-app messaging

  • Ratings & feedbacks

  • Care plans

  • In-app payment

#9: Medical Record App

We have all experienced the difficulty of searching through large piles of files to retrieve old medical information that has become scattered, particularly when dealing with long-standing diseases or medical situations. When this occurs, searching can become nearly impossible, even more so when we need to recall an extensive medical history. This idea provides a solution by making retrieving files easy!

Medical record apps come in handy during such instances, enabling patients to upload their medical reports, lab results, and patient history directly into the app for secure storage in an encrypted format and creating a storehouse of patient information.

Features that define an ideal medical record application include:

  • Quick upload

  • Patient profile information

  • Easy import/export

  • Chat with doctors

  • Medical history file sharing

  • Create medical history-oriented categories

#10: Healthcare Networking App

This social networking app for doctors helps connect them for networking or medical advice purposes, creating an engaged community of healthcare specialists specializing in various fields.

Healthcare networking applications allow practicing or licensed doctors to easily locate other specialists within a medical field. When faced with critical situations or unique scenarios, healthcare networking apps allow doctors to seek medical advice quickly from colleagues while at the same time sharing files, drug databases, research works, etc.

Must-have features of healthcare networking applications include:

  • Instant file and image sharing

  • Journal

  • Chat options chat functionality

  • Medical events

  • Access to medical files and research papers

Top Healthcare App Development Features for Doctors & Patients

This list represents some of the more general features you should include when developing healthcare apps for both doctors and patients.

However, for any specific kind of app being built, consult an experienced healthcare app development services company in order to learn about more advanced features like incorporation of payment gateways, in-app purchases, etc. that may make it a hit with users.

#1: Engaging UX/UI Design

An app's UI/UX design is often the first impression a user gets of your business or services, so its aesthetic must be engaging. Make sure the theme you create reflects well upon your offerings. At the same time, navigations should be clear and its interface user-friendly. This is why hiring top healthcare app developers is such a huge benefit!

#2: Healthcare Data Security

Since healthcare applications deal with such sensitive data as patients' health records and histories, proper security measures must be employed in your mobile app in order to protect its integrity and ensure users' privacy and integrity. Blockchain technology could be another excellent solution. For anyone unfamiliar with it, hire an expert blockchain development company as soon as possible.

#3: Live Video Consultation with Healthcare Experts

When it comes to health, no one wants to take chances, and adding the feature for a live video consultation with healthcare experts would help alleviate that uncertainty. Through video consultation features, users can speak directly with specialists. According to various online studies, healthcare applications with this feature have greater chances of success.

#4: Health Activity Tracking

Integrating health activity tracking into your healthcare app would allow users to better monitor their health. You could provide them with information. For instance, if they're monitoring blood pressure by entering daily measurements, then the app could present them with a list of foods they should avoid to maintain balance in their blood pressure readings.

#5: Symptoms Checking

This advanced feature should be added to any healthcare app. By showing users the symptoms associated with their health condition, the app should identify what may be ailing them and inform them which specialist to visit for additional diagnosis of their illness.

#6: Wearable Device Integration

By offering this feature to your healthcare app, users will be able to monitor their health with wearable devices integrated into it and store and sync their data with applications. Users could monitor heart rate, sugar level, blood pressure, and more. They could keep records in their app while keeping an overview of this data within it. For optimal integration services, use fitness app development services for this task.

#7: Cloud Integration

Cloud integration for healthcare applications would allow patients to gain access to information on any device simply by signing into their accounts. Cloud storage also enables individuals to keep electronic records of prescriptions, medical history, medical images, etc. It makes tracking data simpler with these solutions in the cloud.

#8: Use of Blockchain

Blockchain is an emerging technology used in mobile app development that enhances security while providing patients with well-integrated healthcare ecosystems. Working as part of a cryptographic network, it makes transactions (like making payments for online consultations) safe from cyber-attacks.

#9: Integration of AI and ML

AI and Machine Learning combine their powers to process vast quantities of data to provide insightful information for healthcare app users, such as early warning about health issues. AI- and ML-based apps designed for diagnosing various health issues help save doctors time while increasing accuracy in results. Hiring a top Artificial Intelligence development company will maximize AI/ML benefits.

#10: Multi-Device Compatibility/Support

These days, healthcare app users utilize various devices for accessing an application, so your healthcare app must support all versions of Android OS or iOS so as to reach a wider audience.


Changes and digitalization happening within healthcare are improving treatment quality while meeting patients' expectations, creating new opportunities as a result of innovation.

The healthcare app ideas listed above may provide the ideal business option. Whether looking to develop one yourself or gain more knowledge in this area, it would be wise to consult a custom app development company, as this will be an invaluable source.

Do not hesitate to reach out to us with any app ideas. We will likely find an ideal solution quickly. Our technologies can handle sensitive medical data more effectively for both large and small businesses alike.


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