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Meet the people behind Closeloop’s journey in becoming the leading web and mobile app development company across the world.


People are the most valuable part of a company - and we love our people. Our mission is to serve better and faster through the application of smart technologies. We are able to follow this mission with the help of our team - who is your team as well once you trust us with your critical business application development projects. We are proud to have a team that works closely with our business strategies and objectives - delivering excellence at every step of the way.

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Work becomes fun when you have a team sharing similar brain cells. At Closeloop, we have multiple teams - product design & implementation, project management, core development, QA, Marketing, etc. But we all work together to infuse our creativity into delivering groundbreaking innovations.

At Closeloop, we have been helping our clients give shape to their application ideas by turning them into full-fledged web and application solutions. Our goal is simple - to help our clients grow their business reach by leveraging our technological expertise. We all work with this simple mindset and this is well-reflected in the solutions delivered by us. Learning never ceases at Closeloop - we learn from each other and we learn from our clients as well. This helps us serve them better every time.

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Meet the leaders of Closeloop

Assim Gupta is the Founder and CEO at Closeloop. A forward-thinking leader with a rich industry experience of 20+ years - he has played a fundamental role in establishing Closeloop as one of the leading web development companies in India and across the world. He is a strategic thinker - who always strives to understand the ‘Why’ behind every business move. He is data-driven and analytical and brings innovative strategies to take the company ahead. With a leadership mindset, he motivates the team to help them deliver their best.

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“At Closeloop, we convert ideas into reality with the help of an innovative problem-solving approach and expertise in providing web development solutions. We are a people-first company - and strive to become the best every day.”
assim gupta - ceo at closeloop

Assim Gupta

CEO at Closeloop Technologies

swetha gayathri pandari - sr. product manager at closeloop

Swetha Gayathri Pandari

Sr. Product Manager at Closeloop Technologies

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Meet the leaders of Closeloop

Swetha is the Senior Product Manager at Closeloop Technologies. She is an essential part of the organization - she boasts exceptional management and client relations skills. She has hands-on experience as an engineer responsible for optimizing and debugging embedded systems, IDEs, and Qualcomm proprietary tools. She communicates well and has a critical eye that helps the company immensely. Her professional journey began in 2008 as a Software Design Engineer at a Hyderabad-based company in India. However, her passion for succeeding, hard work, and willingness to learn landed her a job at Closeloop Technologies. Since then, she hasn’t turned back and continued to excel within the organization under the guidance and direction of Assim Gupta.

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“We are a group of self-motivated individuals driven by passion, integrity, and responsibility. At Closeloop, we strive to achieve excellence and deliver quality products.”

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We believe in providing the best services to our clients - and this starts by providing the best to our employees

internet expenses

Internet Expenses

Want to work from home but worried about internet charges? At Closeloop - we cover your internet expenses so you can work with complete peace of mind.

paid trips and holidays

Paid Trips and Holidays

Who doesn’t love holidays! Enjoy paid trips and holidays with your friends, families, and even colleagues - and join back work with a refreshed mind.

medical insurance

Medical Insurance

We care about the health of you and your family members. We have medical insurance and group insurance plans to help you meet your medical expenses.

paid international trips

Paid International Trip

Visit your favorite international destinations - with paid business and personal international trips planned regularly.

relocation assistance

Relocation Assistance

Want to get relocated to some other cities while working with Closeloop? Don’t worry, we have got your back. We will assist you in relocation.

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