Case Study

Xicato XIMtroller

Revolutionizing Lighting Control with Bluetooth Technology

Revolutionizing Lighting Control Through Advanced Mobile Application Development


Xicato Inc. is a pioneering force in the realm of intelligent LED lighting solutions, catering to a diverse clientele across industries such as art galleries, museums, and theaters. Their hallmark XIM LED lights, equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities, revolutionize lighting control, allowing for seamless management of ambiance and mood lighting in various settings.

The development of the Xicato XIMtroller application aimed to provide unparalleled control over these lights, empowering artists, lighting designers, and facility managers with intuitive tools to customize brightness levels, create schedules, and configure lighting settings.


The development of the XICATO XIMtroller application was not without its challenges:

  • Hardware-Software Interface
    Interfacing between iOS devices and XIM Bluetooth-enabled lights posed a significant hurdle, particularly in establishing reliable and concurrent communication for provisioning and commissioning.
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
    Issues with the CoreBluetooth framework on iOS devices resulted in intermittent connection terminations, disrupting communication with XIM lights.
  • Security Concerns
    Securing communication with XIM lights, especially on secured networks, necessitated the implementation of robust encryption protocols based on public-private key encryption.


To tackle these obstacles, our team refined communication protocols to ensure reliable interaction between iOS devices and XIM lights, addressing provisioning and commissioning difficulties. Stability measures were implemented within the CoreBluetooth framework to mitigate connection termination issues, ensuring uninterrupted communication with XIM lights. 

Furthermore, we integrated robust encryption protocols based on public-private key encryption to secure communication with XIM lights, particularly on secured networks.


Despite the obstacles, the project yielded significant outcomes:

  • Improved Provisioning and Commissioning
    Refined communication protocols facilitated the successful provisioning and commissioning of XIM devices, albeit primarily on public networks.
  • Enhanced Security
    Implementing robust encryption protocols bolstered security measures, ensuring secure communication with XIM lights, even on secured networks.
  • Development Agility
    The project team's adeptness in promptly addressing connectivity and interface issues showcased their agility in navigating development challenges.

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