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Xicato Inc. is a leading innovator in intelligent LED lighting solutions, catering to a wide range of industries, including art galleries, museums, and theaters. Their Bluetooth and Wifi enabled XIM LED lights have redefined lighting control, offering the ability to create and manage mood lighting in diverse environments. The Xicato XIMtroller application was developed to provide artists, lighting designers, and facility managers with unprecedented control over XIM LED lights, allowing them to set brightness levels, create schedules, and configure lights for various settings.

Project Objectivestitle icon

1. Intuitive Control

Develop a user-friendly iOS application that allows artists and lighting professionals to easily control Xicato's Bluetooth-enabled XIM LED lights.

2. Grouping and Zoning

Implement features that enable users to group and zone lights based on their location or function, such as hallways, stages, and aisles.

3. Brightness Control

Enable precise control of individual lights, groups of lights, or all lights, allowing users to create dynamic lighting effects.

4. Configuration and Monitoring

Provide users with the ability to query individual XIM modules for configuration information and real-time operating data.

5. Bluetooth and Wifi Connectivity

Establish stable Bluetooth and Wifi connections with XIM Bluetooth modules to ensure seamless communication between the app and the lights.

6. Security

Implement robust encryption protocols to secure communications with XIM lights, especially for devices on secured networks.

Development Challengestitle icon

1. Hardware-Software Interface

One of the primary challenges faced during the development of the XICATO XIMtroller app was the interfacing between the iOS devices and XIM Bluetooth-enabled lights. The project team encountered difficulties in establishing reliable and concurrent communication with multiple XIM lights for provisioning and commissioning purposes.

2. Bluetooth and Wifi Connectivity

The CoreBluetooth framework available for iOS devices presented intermittent Bluetooth connection termination issues, leading to disruptions in communication with the XIM lights. These issues had to be addressed to ensure a stable connection between the app and the lights.

3. Security Concerns

The need to secure communication with XIM lights, particularly when connecting to secured networks, raised significant security concerns. The project team had to develop and implement a specific encryption protocol based on the public-private key encryption paradigm to address these concerns.

Impact on the Organizationtitle icon

The challenges encountered during the project had several notable impacts on the organization:

  • Provisioning and Commissioning: The initial challenge of provisioning and commissioning XIM devices affected the project's performance. Successful provisioning and commissioning were achieved only for public networks (non-secure), limiting the scope of the project and raising concerns about security.
  • Security Implementation: The need for enhanced security protocols added complexity to the project, as securing communications with XIM lights on secured networks required specialized encryption measures.
  • Development Agility: The project team had to maintain a high level of development agility to address Bluetooth connectivity and hardware-software interface issues promptly.

Conclusiontitle icon

The development of the XICATO XIMtroller application for Xicato Inc. has been a transformative journey in the field of lighting control. Despite the challenges encountered, the project successfully delivered a cutting-edge solution that empowers artists, lighting designers, and facility managers to take control of their lighting environments. The project's ability to address hardware-software interfacing, Bluetooth and Wifi connectivity, and security concerns underscores our commitment to delivering innovative and secure IoT solutions.

The XICATO XIMtroller application stands as a testament to our dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology and our commitment to providing clients with tailored solutions that meet their unique needs. The journey of this project has reinforced our belief in the power of technology to transform industries and elevate user experiences.

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Take a closer look at real-world screenshots of the Xicato app platform and the results achieved through our solutions.


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