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The client stands as a prominent SAAS provider within the pre-owned marketplaces of the USA. Upright Lister emerges as the swiftest avenue for posting items across a multitude of channels. This software expertly steers each user through the imperative steps required to promptly and accurately list an item. Leveraging its advanced posting settings, you possess the seamless ability to tailor the posting workflow to align precisely with your needs.

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Nonetheless, the existing Lister software presents certain deficiencies that are essential to address for thriving within a competitive landscape. Herein lie several of the challenges encountered by our clientele within the current application:

  1. Enabling the facile assessment of bulk orders and the streamlining of the online product listing process for e-commerce divisions.
  2. Furnishing comprehensive support for multi-channel listings alongside efficient inventory management.
  3. Crafting a user-friendly reporting module that furnishes invaluable insights encompassing individual user productivity, operational efficiency, top sales, and the tracking of store performance.

The pursuit for a technology partner well-versed in SAAS software implementation, coupled with a profound comprehension of the business model, was the company's quest. Our customer necessitated the creation of an entirely dynamic SAAS platform, endowed with the capacity to handle substantial quantities of bulk orders while concurrently facilitating listings across numerous channels. In the ultimate reckoning, the decision to collaborate with Closeloop Technologies was driven by our diversified experience in conceiving such SAAS platforms.

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Our team embarked on the project by conducting a thorough evaluation of the Customer's existing inventory management processes and systems. We meticulously reviewed their order management, manifestation module, and reporting capabilities. This exercise proved invaluable in grasping their pain points and pinpointing areas ripe for enhancement.

To streamline the scrutiny of bulk orders, Closeloop Technologies has ingeniously developed a comprehensive listing review process. Here, users can instantly view pending orders across various channels right on the dashboard, facilitating the simultaneous review of bulk orders. This cloud-based, multi-channel listing tool has matured into a trusted ally, fostering operational efficiency and catalyzing e-commerce growth. This module empowers users to list items concurrently.

Through Upright Lister, Upright's customers can effortlessly list on multiple platforms including Shopgoodwill, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and Shopify, all at once. Upright's software diligently ensures that each product is optimally positioned for sales, ultimately diverting items from landfills. Sold items might find new homes, cherished by collectors, or become available for reuse. We've developed the "Link" app, which enables instant synchronization of products across the Upright Labs platform. Leveraging the built-in barcode scanner and camera, adding product information becomes a breeze. Manage, view, and update products seamlessly from any location using Link.

Upright Lister boasts a user-friendly interface and an adaptable, automated listing process that elevates the speed, uniformity, and caliber of online listings. The "Upright Lister" platform facilitates product tracking at stores, inventory management, real-time shipping, and streamlined reporting. The step-by-step listing procedure spans multiple channels, adhering to the rules defined in the Listing strategies. Operational performance, spanning from stores to posters, is readily accessible to users. Additionally, insights into top sales, marketplaces, and item types are at your fingertips. Exporting reports for effortless review is also at your disposal.

QAtitle icon

The implementation of Upright Lister necessitated a robust quality assurance (QA) process to ensure the software's reliability, security, and seamless alignment with all end requirements. We have also taken care to ensure that the software not only boasts a beautiful design and well-crafted code but is also free from bugs and errors.

Unit Testing 

Incorporating unit testing, we meticulously examine individual units or functions within the developing software. This approach directs developers to concentrate on testing during the initial stages of software construction, enabling prompt identification and rectification of faults stemming from any changes.

Component Testing 

We have conducted component testing by evaluating multiple units or components within a single code. By employing authentic data, we scrutinize how distinct components operate autonomously without integration. This procedure has proven instrumental in spotting defects that might manifest when the components are interconnected.

End-to-End Testing 

Our completion of end-to-end testing emulates real-world scenarios, verifying the functionality of various user pathways as intended. This assessment aids in testing data integrity and communication with other systems.

Performance Testing

 Our evaluation includes scrutinizing the system's performance under substantial loads. This step has confirmed the product's reliability, stability, and availability under diverse load conditions.

User Acceptance Testing 

Finally, we executed User Acceptance Testing (UAT) before the ultimate release. This involved assessing the product's capacity to navigate real-world scenarios while satisfying all business requisites. UAT has significantly bolstered the software's robustness and usability.

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Take a closer look at real-world screenshots of the Upright software and the results achieved through our solutions.


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