Case Study


Inventory Management Software

Cloud-based SaaS Platform Modernization to Increasing Efficiency and Catalyzing eCommerce Growth


The client operates as a leading SaaS provider in the pre-owned marketplaces of the USA, offering Upright Lister as a rapid solution for posting items across multiple channels. This software guides users through essential steps for prompt and accurate listings, featuring advanced posting settings customizable to individual needs.

  • Prominent SaaS provider in USA's pre-owned marketplaces.
  • Specializes in facilitating the quick and accurate listing of items across various channels.
  • Advanced posting settings for tailored listing workflows.


Despite its strengths, the existing Lister software faced challenges crucial for thriving in a competitive market:

  • Difficulty in assessing bulk orders and streamlining the online product listing process.
  • Limited support for multi-channel listings and effective inventory management.
  • Lack of user-friendly reporting module providing insights into productivity, operational efficiency, and sales tracking.


To address these challenges, Closeloop Technologies collaborated with the client, beginning with a comprehensive evaluation of existing inventory management processes. Key solutions implemented included:

  • Development of a comprehensive listing review process for efficient scrutiny of bulk orders.
  • Introduction of a cloud-based, multi-channel listing tool for simultaneous review and listing.
  • Creation of the "Link" app for instant synchronization of products across platforms, enhancing listing efficiency.


The implementation of Upright Lister was accompanied by rigorous quality assurance processes ensuring reliability, security, and alignment with end requirements:

  • Effortless listing on multiple platforms simultaneously.
  • Enhanced product positioning, diverting items from landfills.
  • Seamless product synchronization and management.
  • Real-time tracking, inventory management, and streamlined reporting for operational performance insights.

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