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ITHOS Information Network is a prominent provider of regulatory compliance software and services catering to the cosmetic, personal care, and chemical industries. The company plays a vital role in aiding organizations to effectively manage and navigate intricate global regulations and product compliance requirements.

Initially, the Ithos information network was hosted on a dedicated physical server to deliver services through their compliance tool. However, as the customer base expanded and the volume of data grew, it became evident that a more scalable and efficient solution was required. Consequently, the hosting infrastructure transitioned to include six physical servers, each responsible for hosting different modules of the IIN.

To accommodate the increasing demands and ensure seamless service delivery, the decision to migrate to a cloud-based solution was made, allowing for greater flexibility, scalability, and overall performance.

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The Initial structure of IIN has several notable shortcomings, including:

Lack of standardization: The absence of a unified standard for the IIN infrastructure makes it challenging for different systems to communicate seamlessly.

Security vulnerabilities: The current infrastructure is susceptible to various security threats, including data breaches and cyberattacks.

Complexity: The complexity of the current infrastructure creates difficulties in managing it, leading to errors and inefficiencies.

Scalability: The initial architecture posed challenges in terms of scalability. Adding more SAAS customers required spinning up new servers, leading to scalability limitations.

Disaster Recovery: The absence of Disaster Recovery systems initially made it challenging to recover from any potential losses.

Cost: The current infrastructure incurred high costs both in terms of building and maintenance.

The limitations in scalability, reliability, and security posed obstacles to the efficient functioning of the IIN system. It became evident that developing a standardized, secure, and manageable infrastructure was crucial to ensuring the compliance system's safety, security, and efficiency. 

ITHOS recognized the need for a reliable partner with expertise in building secure and sustainable cloud-based systems to collaborate and address these issues. Consequently, ITHOS teamed up with Closeloop to migrate its Ithos Information Network to the cloud and propose a new Architecture hosted on AWS, while minimizing the source code changes needed. This strategic partnership aimed to mitigate the aforementioned issues and pave the way for a more standardized, secure, and efficient infrastructure.

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Closeloop's DevOps and SysOps team collaborated closely with ITHOS to successfully migrate the IIN solution to AWS, providing the following services:

Migration Services: Closeloop played a key role in facilitating ITHOS's data and application migration to AWS Cloud. This encompassed assessing ITHOS's existing infrastructure, devising a comprehensive migration plan, and effectively executing the migration process. Leveraging various tools and techniques such as AWS Snowball, AWS Import/Export, and AWS DataSync, Closeloop seamlessly migrated ITHOS's data and applications to AWS Cloud.

Consulting Services: Closeloop offered valuable consulting services to ITHOS, guiding them on how to optimally leverage AWS Cloud's capabilities. This included recommending suitable architectural approaches for ITHOS's applications on AWS, optimizing performance, and implementing robust security best practices. Closeloop's consultants worked closely with ITHOS to design a cloud-native architecture that capitalizes on the scalability, elasticity, and security features provided by AWS Cloud.

For AWS infrastructure, Closeloop proposed using AWS RDS service for hosting MySQL and MSSQL Databases, MongoDB Atlas for MongoDB database, and EC2 service for hosting all the applications. This proposed architecture aligns with the Lift-Shift migration strategy, one of the industry's migration standards, ensuring a seamless and efficient migration process.

With Closeloop's expertise and guidance, ITHOS successfully migrated to AWS Cloud, enabling them to harness the full potential of AWS's features and services to enhance their overall performance, scalability, and security.

Managed services: Closeloop offers comprehensive managed services to ITHOS on AWS Cloud, encompassing the monitoring and maintenance of ITHOS's applications, efficient management of AWS resources, and round-the-clock 24/7 support.

As a result of Closeloop's invaluable assistance, ITHOS successfully transitioned its operations to AWS Cloud, leading to a multitude of benefits:

Reduced Costs: ITHOS experienced significant cost reductions after migrating to AWS Cloud. The pay-as-you-go pricing model of AWS allowed ITHOS to only pay for the resources it utilized, resulting in a remarkable 30% reduction in IT costs.

Improved Disaster Recovery: ITHOS's information network now boasts enhanced resilience against disasters, thanks to AWS's array of disaster recovery services, including AWS Backup and AWS Site Recovery.

Access to New Features and Services: ITHOS gained access to a diverse range of previously unavailable features and services on its previous platform. This includes AWS Lambda, AWS Rekognition, and AWS Lex, significantly enhancing the capabilities of the IIN solution.

Increased Scalability: Leveraging AWS Cloud's highly scalable nature, ITHOS can effortlessly expand its operations to accommodate growing demands. This scalability is crucial for ITHOS as it continues to experience rapid growth as a company.

Improved Security: Closeloop implemented various security mechanisms for ITHOS, including AWS Shield and Web Application Firewall, instilling confidence in ITHOS regarding the safety of its sensitive financial data.

Overall, Closeloop's partnership proved to be invaluable in ITHOS's transition to AWS Cloud. Their services played a pivotal role in helping ITHOS achieve its business objectives of cost reduction, scalability enhancement, and improved security. Consequently, ITHOS is now positioned favorably for sustained growth in the years ahead.

In addition to these services, Closeloop continues to provide ongoing support and maintenance for the IIN solution, further solidifying their commitment to ITHOS's continued success.

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